The Must Have Boho Chic Bags of the Season

Handbags, purses, rucksacks, oh my! The 2016 spring and summer season is all about the bags, which is excellent news for the ladies, since we love our bags just as much as we do our shoes. They’re the key accessory that can complete any and every ensemble. With the incredible fashion handbag trends of 2016, it’s time to get excited. Check out our fashion accessories collection to find the ultimate styles to have for this season. Your love for handbags is certain to be catered to this year!



The Patchwork Appeal

Patchwork is one of the most prominent fashion trends for the 2016 spring and summer season. You can find all kinds of fashion accessories and clothing that have combined a variety of colors and fabrics to give you that boho chic appeal. This Patchwork Crossbody bag is definitely a hit this year, and is perfect for the sandy shores, shopping trips or for summer exploring. It’s large enough to store all of your beach gear, a light jacket for unpredictable weather, and basically, anything you could really every need on a day-to-day basis.


The Printed Hobo

Unique prints are a hit for the 2015 spring and summer fashion trends. Forget the classic stripes and polka dot bikinis. Prints are all about being eccentric and maybe even a little bit out there this year, which is exactly why we love this Printed Hobo Bag. It’s more structured than the Crossbody bag, yet has all the room you need – and definitely all the style you deserve.


The Tapestry Tote

Since prints are such a huge fashion trend this season, no wardrobe is complete without a Tapestry Tote. The print has a touch of patchwork appeal, and a hefty dose of boho chic elements, if we must say so ourselves. The hues are perfect for adding a splash of color into your outfits; yet mellow enough to be worn day to night. You can even pair your Tapestry Tote with a stunning Tapestry Makeup Bag.


The Rucksack

Back are the backpacks, but just any won’t do. Rucksacks are an amazing fashion trend that changes up the way you carry around your beloved possessions. Shop for leather, pleather or chic designs to ensure that your rucksack is stylish and not too schoolgirl. Since these styles don’t really have a lot of pockets inside of them, organize your contents with trendy makeup bags!


Fancy Fringe

What lady doesn’t love a little bit of fringe fashion? It’s such a fashionable and fancy way to show off your flirty personality. This Crossbody Fringe Bag comes with a detachable hook, so it can be taken straight from the beach to the bar. It's also made of genuine leather! Talk about high fashion! The black tone is a total classic, and you just can’t ever go wrong with having this handbag in your wardrobe. You can also easily store your must-haves like your I.D. and cash in the zipper compartment on the back, and let the inside be the home to your cosmetics.



Fashion accessories are definitely the most important element to any look. It can take a casual outfit and turn it into a boho chic masterpiece. Sign up for the Seaside Boutique newsletter, and never miss out on a discount, deal or fashion trend! These styles are definitely worthy of your wardrobe.



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