Boho Chic Outfits for Summer Music Festivals

The warmer weather is officially here and that means summer festivals are about to begin! Whether you’re heading to the famous Coachella events or heading to a smaller music festival in your town, you need to know the unwritten rules to dressing for some festin’. Now is not the time for 5 inch stilettos and a fancy dress. Follow these fashion tips and must have fashion items, and you'll be prepared for the boho chic shenanigans that are certain to follow. It’s safe to say, this summer is going to be styling and a little outrageous! Cheers, ladies.


Fedora, Flat Brimmed, You Name It

Hats are a festival must! Not only are they exceptionally practical, as you'll be rocking out in the hot sun, but they will also add some instant chic style to a rather basic ensemble. Since you probably won’t be dressing to the nines while partying outdoors (especially if you followed the first fashion tip provided earlier in this post), it’s nice to have a little something-something added into your outfit. Shop the fashion accessories at Seaside Boutique, and find the ultimate way to top off your ensembles this summer. Pun intended!


Mixed Prints

If you’re going to wear mixed prints anywhere, a summer music festival should definitely be on your radar. They’re super boho chic, which is always perfect and mixed prints can give you that relaxed, effortless appeal that is highly desirable for outdoor events. Maxi dresses and light printed palazzo pants are totally recommended as they’re light, breezy and festival-worthy. You’ll also look super rad jamming out to your favorite bands.


70s Style

Since the boho chic style is the ultimate choice of fashion for summer music festivals, channeling your inner 70s diva is always a hit! After all, it’s only fair we pay tribute to those who definitely knew how to get down during the summer. 70s fashion accessories are a favorite, as they combine a vintage appeal in with your modern look. Fringe is an element that should never be overlooked, and it will make you look totally rad while you’re rocking out. I personally love the beaded fringe bag because it’s casual, chic and 70s, and can be tossed over your shoulder or across your body when things get crowded and you’re busting a move. There’s nothing worse than a handbag weighing down your dance moves.


Loose and Basic

Honestly, dressing for summer music festivals is super simple.  Loose fitted tops or tanks paired with some denim shorts are all you need – and they’re darn cute too! They keep your outfit simple and chic, and practical for some outdoor partying. Who knew that the ultimate choice of fashion would be so basic?



Regardless of how eager you are to wear your newly purchased LBD, a summer festival is not the place for it. These events are all about chic style that is absolutely effortless. Everyone is there to have a good time, to listen to amazing music, and to party without a care in the world. Since fashion is all about dressing for the occasion, leave the fancy stuff at home and stick with the boho chic styles.

At the end of the day, you can truly wear whatever fashion or style you want. Fashion rules are simply guidelines and of course, can always be broken! So channel you inner festival gypsy and start shopping the boho chic styles at Seaside Boutique.

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