Pro Styling Tricks To Perfecting Your Boho Chic Wardrobe

Every lady deserves to have some good ole' styling tricks and fashion tips hidden up their sleeve. You would be amazed at how a simple flip of a collar or a cuff on a hem can completely transform your entire look into something different. These simple fashion style tricks can take a plain wardrobe and turn it into a masterpiece. At the very least, it will give you plenty of chic ideas on how your fashion can be worn to create a new look. Here are our favorite fashion tips that you can use to perfect your wardrobe. Buy some new summer fashion at Seaside Boutique and test out your new styling skills.

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The Sleeve Push-Up

There will come a time for a sleeve push-up, especially with the seasons changing and the weather being so unpredictable. This is a must-know fashion styling skill to perfect because there are some articles of clothing that are too big, bulky or complicated to roll or fold. So, you have to push but you don’t want the look to be frumpy and you certainly don’t want to be fussing with them all day either. Instead, just use a hair tie! When you push your sleeve up, use the elastic to secure the new length. You can even hide the elastic underneath one of the shirt folds.


The Sleeve Roll

The sleeve roll is another styling trick to have down pat. However, to keep the roll from looking sloppy, fold your sleeve in half first. Then, pull it to your upper arm before rolling the fold up again. You may have to play around with the rolls to make sure that the new length fits in the chicest way possible, but this fashion tip can truly save you on a hot day.

The Jean Roll

fashion tips, styling tricks, summer fashion,For the days when you’re standing in front of the mirror analyzing your outfit and just came seem to find exactly what is missing, give the jean roll styling tip a go. This is an excellent fashion tip that can show off your new pair of shoes, give your new boyfriend jeans a more tailored fit or shorten those skinny jeans that are bunching at the bottom. The key is to fold the bottom of your jeans only an inch or two, and then fold them again. Showing a little bit of hemline is super chic, so embrace the perfect imperfection.


The Tucks

There are so many different ways you can tuck your shirts, and each is super valuable and can give the same outfit a complete makeover every time you pull it out of your closet. The first tuck to perfect is the classic tuck. This is when you tuck in anything that is under your last button. The second tuck to know is a little more modern and effortless-looking. You just tuck the front of your shirt into your pants, and let the back drape. This may require some fussing to get the look just right.



Your old clothes are about to become new with these styling tips. Fashion is all about secrets. So, keep a couple rolled up in your sleeves and you’ll forever have new ways to reinvent your current wardrobe. Try out your new pro styling tips with the summer fashion collection available on Seaside Boutique right now, and don’t forget to check out our outfit inspirations on Instagram.

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