Fashion Rules That Are Meant to be Broken

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Fashion rules are so incredibly outdated. For the most part, fashion rules are completely intended to be broken in today’s stylish world. In fact, being fashionable is often associated with not following any rules at all, and wearing exactly what it is that you feel like wearing. Style is a representation of who you are, and I’ll be damned if I can’t wear a stunning pair of comfy white linen pants in October simply because of the date. So here’s to breaking out of the laundry basket and rebelling against old, silly fashion rules that truly make no sense anymore.


You can’t wear white after Labor Day.

fashion rules, 2016 fashion trends,

With that said, it only makes sense to start this fashion blog post off with the ridiculous rule that you can’t wear white after Labor Day. Wearing the chic and crisp shade of white should never be limited to only a couple of months. It’s a complete staple within every wardrobe, and when does “before Labor Day” officially start anyway? This rule doesn’t make any sense, and it definitely needs to be broken. Keep in mind that there are some white fashions that are best when worn during the summer season, such as a white summer dress, but don’t write this shade off altogether.


Your boho chic bag must match your shoes.

fashion rules, 2016 fashion trends

Your bag is your bag, and it really doesn’t have to match anything in your outfit at all. Sometimes, your handbag is the only way to bring some excitement to a rather dull ensemble, and that’s not to mention that matching your bag with your shoes can actually be a serious fashion faux pas if we’re going off of looks. A tapestry handbag would definitely look much better without the pairing of tapestry shoes. So, scratch this fashion rule off of your list.


You can’t mix prints.

fashion rules, 2016 fashion trends

Well, this is just silly. Mixed prints are one of the biggest 2016 fashion trends. So stop fighting off the temptation of this outdated fashion rule, and indulge! Pair your stripes with Paisley printed pants, and pair your plaid with a graphic tee. Whatever you feel like, wear it. Mixing prints is a total must, and following this fashion rule would simply mean that aren’t treating yourself to the current fashion trends.


You can’t mix black and blue.

fashion rules, 2016 fashion trends

Says who? If we learned anything from the Backstreet Boys in the 2000s, it was that black and blue looks absolutely fabulous together. It adds a layer of sophisticated with classic, and sets a mood within your outfits. So, do the black and blue! If done properly, it can even be the brightest collaboration to date.


You have to be tall to wear long dresses and pants.

fashion rules, 2016 fashion trends

This is a fashion rule that is way too discriminatory for 2016. We live in a world where anyone can wear whatever they want. A boy can wear a dress if he wants to and that is totally okay. So, who’s to say that you have to be model-height just to indulge in the tall fashion trends? Maxi dresses and long pants are perfect for anyone. However, you may need to wear some heels with them to ensure that you look sleek and slender and not short and frumpy.


And there you have it, ladies. The fashion rules that are so outdated, they should be in a history book and never taken out. Seaside Boutique is all about style that is you! Shop our collection and find who you are, and break all the fashion rules in the meantime.



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