5 Prints to Instantly Turn Your Wardrobe Boho Chic

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So, you’re ready to channel your inner gypsy soul. The only problem is that you don’t want to break the bank, you like your current wardrobe and you have no idea where to start. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Not only can you receive 20% off your purchase from Seaside Boutique with the code ‘chantal20’, but we also have all the fashion tips you need to get that bohemian chic appeal.


Here are the 5 fashion tips that will turn your wardrobe boho, regardless of what your sense of style was before! Grab these 5 prints and you are set on the gypsy soul path.



fashion tips, boho, boho chic,

No bohemian chic wardrobe is complete without some sort of fringe or tassel. It’s the one type of fashion that instantly changes the entire appeal of whatever it is that you’re wearing. Even if it’s a button-down dress shirt, cut the sleeves into fringes and instantly, it’s super boho. So, never underestimate the power of adding some fringe and tassels into your closet. Whether it’s with a fringe handbag or kimono with tassels, you just have to have it.



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Paisley print is just as unique as your gypsy soul. It comes in a variety of colors that take on a bohemian appeal. It’s kind of looks like something quilted, combined with something you’d see the monks of India meditating on. It’s humble, earthy and totally gypsy. Add in a few paisley print pieces, such as a paisley print komono or paisley print palazzo pants, and you’re ready for the bohemian lifestyle.


Tie Dye

fashion tips, boho, bohemian

When you have an inner gypsy soul, you’re a little bit of a hippie at heart. You believe in good vibes, positive energy and making love, not war. Tie dye is the perfect element that can bring this appeal forward within your wardrobe. However, tie dye today isn’t like it used to be back in the hippie-age. It’s more modern and chic than retro. So don’t be intimidated to give the tie dye a try.



boho, boho chic, bohemian, fashion tips

Channel your inner earth child with some floral print. There’s nothing more boho chic than this kind of fashion. Floral is so feminine, super boho and also a current fashion trend. So, you get the best of all worlds. There are many different kinds of floral print style, allowing your wardrobe plenty of room to explore.



boho, boho chic, bohemian, fashion tips

Mixed prints is also a huge fashion trend today, and totally bohemian chic as well. This is an awesome fashion tip to have within your boho chic wardrobe because you can use the fashion prints you already have, and simply combine them to make it bohemian. Mix your paisleys with floral prints, and plaids with tie dye. The days of matching your entire wardrobe are like so totally yesterday.


Don’t forget to grab your 20% discount with the code “chantal20” and of course, sign up for our monthly newsletters so you don’t miss out on other exclusive deals, discounts and fashion tips! From one gypsy soul to another, it’s time to start living - and dressing for the gypsy dream.

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