My Life Taught Me The Truth About Seaside Boutique

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Today’s fashion blog post is going to be quite different from all the rest. However, it also happens to be one of the most important topics, so I'm certainly not going to leave it out.

If I may toot our own horn a little bit here, I want to talk about why everyone loves Seaside Boutique fashion – and I mean everyone.

 15-Year-Old Fashion Addict

It seems like every time I go out wearing a new outfit from Seaside Boutique (which you can check out on our Instagram), a ton of compliments follow. I literally opened my front fashion trends, online fashion boutique, outfit ideasdoor the other day and had the sales lady talk to me for 10 minutes about my outfit and how she needs my palazzo pants. This lady was younger than me – and keep in mind, I’m somewhere just a little past mid-20s.


56-Year-Old Fashion Finder

Recently, I was frolicking the sandy shores of Florida with one of my best friends who also happens to have 30 plus years on me. Of course, I packed my suitcase with all my latest fashion trends from Seaside Boutique because I honestly don’t wear anything else because nothing compares. Anyway, as I was unpacking all my outfits, my 56-year-old bestie couldn’t help but reach her hands for my latest fashions.


She had always commented on my Instagram outfit ideas but when she saw the women’s clothing up close, her heart melted a little bit – and no, it wasn’t just from the hot Florida temperature. So, here I am, 27-years-old and sharing my clothes with a 65-year-old – and both of us looked hella amazing.


20-Year-Old Fashionista

Now, fast forward to me being back home. I was heading over to celebrate my little cousins 21 birthday. She’s definitely not new to Seaside Boutique, as she rages my new outfits every time I get more fashion trends in, but needless to say, she wanted my wardrobe to dress her for her special night. This girl is 21 with tons of stunning clothes fashion trends, online fashion boutique, outfit ideasthat could fill an entire house, all of which are from luxurious and expensive brands, and she wants my affordable, Seaside Boutique fashion.


Amazing, right?


It was at that moment when I realized why Seaside Boutique is unique from all the rest. It isn’t just an online fashion boutique that caters to young, 00-size ladies. It’s versatile, with a vast collection that speaks to all ages of women. I’ve had Grandma’s compliment me on my wardrobe - although at first, I wasn’t sure if it was a compliment or not.


Jokes aside, it made me have so much more love and appreciation for the online shop owner who individually selects all the styles that appear in the latest collections. I may be the fashion blogger, but she’s the one with the true talent.


So, whether you’re shopping for yourself, clothing for your teenage girls that they can share (what a way to save!) or looking for gift ideas for her, you’ve come to the right place. If they like nice looking clothes, they’ll love this online fashion boutique. My life experiences prove it to be true! Every one of all ages, walks of life, lifestyle or fashion sense love the collection available on Seaside Boutique. So, shop now. Just be ready to bat away your friends’ hands because they’ll certainly want to dip into your wardrobe like all my friends have. Oh, it’s such a bitter sweet moment.

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