Fashion Tips for Styling Boho Chic Bralettes

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If you have recently checked out our new summer collection on Seaside Boutique, you may have noticed something different. We are officially selling intimates, along with the stunning new styles and fashion trends that you love. However, our intimates aren’t going to be sexy lingerie and things that can only be seen in between the sheets. Instead, our intimates collection is all about undergarments that will enhance your fashion statement – and one of the best ways to do just that is with bralettes.


What are Boho Chic Bralettes?

fashion tips, outfit ideas, bralettes, how to,

Now, to understand the outfit ideas for bralettes, you need to know what they are. They aren’t bras, they aren’t bandeaus and they aren’t tanks. They’re kind of a combination of all of that. Bralettes are “soft bras” or “smaller crop tops” that have a feminine touch, such as lace, and more importantly, that are supposed to be seen. You can show them off completely, or just give a little peak. They’re perfect for outfit ideas where the tank is really low at the sides, or with a sheer shirt where showing your actual bra would simply be too promiscuous.


Pair with High Waist Bottoms

fashion tips, outfit ideas, bralettes, how to,

Here’s a fashion tip and secret – you don’t have to cover up bralettes. Since they aren’t bras, per se, they can look exceptionally classy and chic when given the opportunity. Now, the key is to pulling off this outfit idea is to use a crop bralette – one that goes down to your belly button. Then, balance out the look (and minimize the amount of skin showing) with high waist pants or shorts. Less skin is showing, with a sex appeal that is undeniable.


Show Under Sheer

fashion tips, outfit ideas, bralettes, how to,

There are some tops that are difficult to wear because they show your bra. You almost always have to pair them with a cami to decrease the amount of boobage showing, which also happens to take away from your fashion sense as well. But, you can just as easily make sheer tops incredibly effortless and stylish with a bralette. Since these intimates are meant to be seen, sheer and bralette outfit ideas aren’t “WOW! Too much boob!!” and are more like, “Damn, that girl is chic!”


Layer Open Backs

fashion tips, outfit ideas, bralettes, how to,

When it comes to difficult tops or dresses, you’ll love having a drawer full of bralettes from Seaside Boutique. Whether your next outfit idea has a deep v-neck, or an open or low back, toss on a bralette. There are some women’s clothing and styles that can be really hard to wear. You want to wear a bra but wearing a bra will make the outfit look funny – but not wearing a bra will make things droop and maybe appear too sexy for the occasion. The struggle is real, right ladies? Well, introduce bralettes in. Since they are sexy enough to be seen and not technically bras, they’re perfect for being the middleman for all fashion debates within your wardrobe.



And that’s only to mention a few! There are plenty more outfit ideas for styling bralettes but these 3 fashion tips should cover most of your wardrobe and fashionable concerns. Here’s to being sexy, confident and stylish women!

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