Must Have Summer Fashion Trends

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Every lady needs a wardrobe that is going to take her from the beach to the bar or from the boardroom to the boardwalk, and with these summer fashion trends, you'll be prepared for whatever is on your agenda. The summer season is here and you're about to take a step into the scorching hot months looking fresh and chic. Here are some must have items that you totally need to add into your wardrobe, and you're only a click away from a new wardrobe with Seaside Boutique.


A Knack for Knits

Knit fashion items may seem completely unreal for the hot summer months, but who are we kidding? They are super trendy and styles have been designed to be breezy for those scorching hot days. So there is no need to pull out your massive knit sweaters from your winter wardrobe. Instead, pair some knit tanks with your favorite pair of shorts or throw a knit handbag over your shoulder as you frolic on the sandy shores.


Crisp and Chic in White

The monochromatic trend is still in season but instead of matching your favorite color all into one outfit, stick with your standout white items. Dressing head-to-toe in this strikingly chic tone is a style that all the fashionistas are going crazy for - even the celebs. So grab your favorite pair of white wash jeans and match it up with a white tank and your best accessories. If you desire to have a little more contrast to the look, gold accessories are a total must.


Be Flirty in Florals

Your summer wardrobe could never be complete without this season's staple design. Florals are super boho-chic and can be incorporated into your wardrobe to suit all of your summer needs. Take your floral summer dress from the beach to the bar by simply swapping out your flip flops for some pumps. It's the ultimate item that will make you feel flirty and girly this season.


High Waist It

While high waist pants are still on the top of the fashion trends list, they just aren't always so practical for the sun shining days. So shorten the length and treat yourself to a killer pair of high waist shorts that can be paired with everything from your go-to crop while you dance away at a summer music festival to your knit blouse for the office. High waist shorts are versatile at its best; just make sure that they cover your entire booty before heading into the boardroom.


Straight in Stripes

Yeah, yeah. You've heard it all before - the nautical look with traditional navy blue and white stripes is a must, and it certainly is but the fashion trends have changed up the stripe game just a bite for this season. Instead of going left to right, the linear approach is going every way possible. Mix and match all kinds of stripes and prints to give a sleek contrast to your summer wardrobe and don't be afraid to treat yourself to some wild color combinations.


Feeling Feminine

There are two elements within the fashion trends that will truly pull at your feminine fashion strings - lace and frills - and no, they certainly don't have to be combined into one item. Lace is incredibly versatile as well and can be sophisticated and professional or amazingly sexy and a tad promiscuous. It all depends on the cut, fit and style of your lace. A flowing lace tank is perfect for the office and can easily be paired with some jeans for the beach. Throw a light blazer over a lace skirt for the boardroom and take off the layers as you head to the bar later in the evening. As for the frill trend, less is always more. A little bit of frill can add the perfect dose of innocence without taking you back to the days of your first grade school picture. P.S. Fringe elements are also super haute this season!


With these summer fashion trends, you are totally set for the beach, bar or even those boring boardroom meetings. At least your outfit will keep you in good spirits during them, right? Don't forget to sign up for our newsletter to receive exclusive discounts and incredible style tips that will always revamp your wardrobe.

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