The Must Have Fall Fashion Trends Your Wardrobe Needs

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The leaves are changing colors and falling to the floor and so should many items within your wardrobe. Forget about pretty pastels and frills because the fall fashion trends are deeper, dramatic and even humbling. That's the best part of the season after all, right? There is nothing like cozying up in a big, comfortable knit cardigan for a movie night in front of the fire. So let's find out what the must have items of the season are so you can grab all the fall fashion trends you need to complete your wardrobe.



Accessory Overload

Grab yourself the biggest and boldest pieces of jewelry that you can find because the fall fashion trends have nothing to do with minimal design and simple styles. Oversized, statement jewelry is a huge hit this season and you can find all kinds of styles that fit your individual fashion sense flawlessly, whether it's feminine, sparkly, dark or dramatic.



Slide Into Loafers

There isn't much worse than going from flip-flops to shoe laces, so the lady loafer fashion trend is not only style but also super practical. Now, you may be thinking 'lady loafers? Really?' but the modern day versions are nothing like the pairs your grandma wears. Well, unless she is a serious fashionista, and in that case, you can borrow some of hers and save some cash. Plus, who likes to wear stilettos when the wind is blowing you around on the sidewalk and ice patches are forming underneath you?



A New Ripped Trend

If it looks like your fabrics were ripped up to accompany a car wash machine, then you're nailing the fall fashion trends. Carwash pleats, as they are being called, are the skirt of the season. The awesome thing is that they're super breezy for those warmer days yet are a bit more comforting on the chillier ones. Short skirts are also super trendy and perfect for a night out on the town.


Hemline Hay Day

Forget being fancy, it's all about being flouncey this fall. This style of skirt is flirty and fun, yet so versatile that is can be worn day to night and with any fashion appeal you're going for. No more two-stepping in pencil skirts, ladies.


 No Arm Ponchos

Yes! Ponchos are back for another season of incredible style and they add so much comfort and warmth to any outfit. The "no arms - no hands" fashion trend of ponchos was one of the most prominent styles well across many different runways. 


Terrific in Tights

We're going to go against the grain and say that fashion tights can certainly be worn as pants. It just depends on the kinds that you get but your fashion never deserves low quality items anyway. Now, with that said, the fall fashion trends are obviously in love with tights. When aren't they? Pair opaque styles with sweater dresses or sheer styles with some of your new, trendy skirts.


Turtleneck Time

With the Ninja Turtles making a comeback, it's only natural that a fashion trend from the same time period does as well. Turtlenecks are not quite a scar and not exactly a sweater either. They take away the cleavage (unless there's a sexy cut out) while also adding in the warmth you need. When you opt for the right style, turtlenecks can be super chic. Think chunky knits!


Reviving Vintage

Every lady must have one vintage piece within her wardrobe - or at least, one vintage-inspired fashion item and since this is a huge fall fashion trend, finding the perfect one for you shouldn't be too hard. When shopping century-old inspiration, look for high collars, fringe, ruffles and sassy lace but don't forget about leather details, silhouettes and bright colors either.


Cuff Up

Rolling your sleeves or pant legs are not justice for 'cuffing up'. You really have to perfect the talent before nailing this fashion trend which is absolutely perfect for the fall season that sometimes brings warm and cold days. Precisely fold (not roll) your sleeves up and you'll be fit for whatever the weather brings.


Perfect in Plaid

Do not worry, ladies. You will not look like a lumberjack when indulging in this fashion trend. Red plaid has proven to be super chic across many different runways, and it definitely deserves an appearance within your wardrobe. Tie it up in the front for hotter days and a daisy-duke appeal, and let it flow for a simple yet perfect style.



Before you go anywhere, you have to know that no look this season is complete without high waist. Whether it's shorts, skirts, or pants... the high waist is a total must. Now tie all those fashion trends together into your wardrobe and you have one killer fall wardrobe that is perfect for all kinds of weather and occasions. Seaside Boutique always has you covered so don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter for more awesome tips, deals and discounts.

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