5 Fall Fashion Essentials you Need in your Wardrobe

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The leaves are falling from the trees and with the weather change should always come some sort of wardrobe change. Now, we’re not saying that you have to go out and totally replace your current fashions but there are some absolutely essential fall fashion items that every lady deserves to get her attire on. Shop these items at Seaside Boutique for affordable and fashionable fall fashion, and don’t forget to head on over to our Instagram to stay up to date on outfit of the days and new items.


Must Have Hats 

No fall fashion is complete without some hats, and that is especially true for the 2015 fashion trends. So, throw on a toque, beanie, brimmed or even a straw hat to achieve the stunning transition into the new season. Burgundy, black and knitted styles are a huge hit and perfect for those messy hair days that seem inevitable with this windy season.

Never Miss Out on Knits 

If there is one season that constantly has knits as the fashion trend, it is totally fall. Knits are the ultimate transition from the hot summer days into the crispier air and chillier nights. It doesn’t have to be showering down snow for you to enjoy knits because the fall fashion of 2015 is all about loose knit styles – especially on cardigans.

Forever in Fringe 

The fall fashions are taking a note from the flapper days of fringe. Everything from fall dresses, cardigans, hoodies and shirts are adding that extra dose of fringe to truly make this season’s style stand out. It’s also perfect for those breezy days that aren’t too hot or cold. 

Way Over The Knee Boots 

Let’s not kid ourselves here, booties are still a total hit for this season but if there is one style of footwear that the fall fashion is all savvy with, it’s definitely the over the knee boots. Whether at the knee or way above, you’ll be walking fashion forward as you strut out in your latest style, and boots are such an incredible way to totally change up your current wardrobe. So, indulge ladies!

Big and Bold Accessories 

Forget the dainty fall fashion jewelry for 2015 because it truly is about making a statement with your accessories this season. The bigger and bolder the jewelry, the better. Think wide bangles; bright colors; large pendants and anything that is totally going to capture everyone’s attention.


So rejuvenate your wardrobe ladies and step into the fashionable season that is a favorite! These 5 fall fashion essentials are the ultimate transition pieces that are perfect for every lady whether you’re rocking the East coast beaches or are braving the snowy weather up north. Just don’t forget to accompany yourself with some Pumpkin Spice Lattes in the meantime. Those are totally a must as well!


The best part is that you don’t have to look far! Seaside Boutique has your fall fashion needs covered well throughout the entire collection. Just take a look and you’ll be certain to fall in love.

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