How to Transition Your Summer Wardrobe Into Fall

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Don’t make the mistake of thinking you have to go out and swipe your beloved piece of plastic a million times just to transition your summer wardrobe into fall fashion. While that is totally okay if it is within your means, you can accomplish the very same thing by incorporating some essential fall fashion pieces into your wardrobe that will work wonders with your current attire. Here are some easy ways to do just that, because here at Seaside Boutique, we always have your fashion covered.


Extend the Length

Sometimes, the only thing you really have to do to transition your summer wardrobe into a fall fashion masterpiece is to extend the length. Swap out those shorts for a couple pair of statement pants and at least one pair of denim. Incorporate some must have fall fashion colors like burgundy, grey, black and blue and you’ll be on fire!


Layer ‘Em Up

Another easy way to add some warmth into your wardrobe is by adding on the layers. Grab some knit cardigans that also happen to be one of the most popular trends of fall fashion right now and throw them over your tees and tanks from the summer. You’ll instantly get the comfort and warmth that are thriving this season.


Tighten Up The Dress

The only dresses you need to retire for the fall season are the ones that are super summer. You know, the kinds jam-packed with pastel florals and summer frills. Other than that, all else goes! Just pair up your best dresses with some opaque tights or even trending translucent ones that offer a glamorous shine and instantly, your look is perfectly full of fall fashion. Leather leggings are also a super trend that you definitely need to try.


Outerwear Craze

Jackets, coats, blazers, oh my! Transition your summer wardrobe into a fall one simply by adding some outerwear into your wardrobe. Even classic styles from last year such as a black blazer or a stunning peacoat thrown on top of a white shirt and A-line skirt or on top of a tee and jeans will work wondrous style for your wardrobe. If you still need to have the transition applied to your outfit when you’re indoors, swap out the statement necklaces for some bold scarves.



So, prepare to wrap yourselves in the comfort and warmth of fall fashion simply by incorporating these basic items into your current wardrobe. Seaside Boutique always has you covered. Shop the fall collection to get those must have items and feel revived for the rest of fall!

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