4 Ways to Rock Boho Chic Fringe this Fall

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Fashion is fringe this fall season. With one quick glance through your favorite fashion magazine, a quick swipe through a fashion brand’s Instagram or a look at the runways, you will instantly see that the best designers have put fringe elements into all kinds of styles and clothing. Now, at first you may instantly relate the fringe fashion trend to boho chicCoachella or think it is a style that is ideal for the summer months, but things are consistently changing within the fashion industry and fringe has never been so versatile and so fall! So needless to say, the fringe fashion is super easy to incorporate into your wardrobe and with these simple styling tips, you’ll be taking your street style to the next level.



Just a Tad with Fringe Accessories

Accessories are always an incredible way to indulge in a fashion trend that is new to you, or that you feel is a bit intimidating. Incorporate some bangles into your look that have a bit of dangle, or add a stunning handbag into your look that has some fringe elements and you’ll quickly see just how easy this fashion trend is to pull off and more importantly, you’ll want to dive right into it.


Feeling Comfy in Fringe

A comfy style doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to sacrifice the chic elements, and both appeals are actually combined into many fringe fashion items this season. Some of the hottest items of the season are fringe ponchos, sweaters and shawls, and with these, you will instantly get to feel your comfiest while also being on point with the fashion trends without really having to do anything special. There are a wide range of different fringe styles and elements that are offered in the trending ponchos, sweaters and shawls so shop away at Seaside Boutique to find the ultimate styles for you.


Get Out with Fringe Jackets

With the frigid weather fast approaching, you’ll need to bring forward the outerwear that you’ve been hiding in the back of your closet for several months now. But instead of wearing last year’s fall fashion trends, grab some new jackets that have the fabulous fringe incorporated into the look. Leather jackets have totally adopted the fringe trend and are an absolute classic fashion item that every lady needs.


Bottoms Up in Fringe

Fringe pants may be a bit too 70s – and not the trendy elements of that era. Instead, incorporate this flawless fashion trend into your bottoms with some skirts. Everything from mini skirts to maxis and all the skirt lengths in between have striped the fabric at the bottom to offer that flirty and fun fringe appeal. So shop the skirt section, ladies.


With these 4 fashion items and style tips, you are totally set for the fringe season. While you can always update your entire wardrobe for fall at Seaside Boutique, you can just as easily incorporate these few items and rejuvenate what is currently in your closet.

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