Fashion Tips on How To Wear A Cardigan


Cardigans are the “it factor” for the fall season, and with all the trending elements such as fringe, flare and fashionable designs there is no shortage of stylish options. Just take a look at Seaside Boutique's Fall Collection and you'll see that to be true. There are some incredibly unique ways that you can rock your cardigan and turn it into an entirely new state-of-the-art addition to your ensemble. So forget about just throwing your cardigan over your shoulders. Things are getting revitalized this season.

Go Oversized

Oversized or 'boyfriend' styled fashion is a favorite for the fall trends because it's so damn comfy, and there are two ways that you can achieve the oversized cardigan style. You can either purchase a cardigan that is in a larger size than what you typically wear, which is a no brainer to achieving this look or you can purchase cardigan styles that specifically fit looser like many varieties that can be found at Seaside Boutique. With an oversized cardigan, you can also rock it off the shoulder, which is an entire fashion statement in itself.

Belt It

Cardigans can sometimes seem shapeless and for the days where you want to achieve a more fitted look, just add in a fashion belt. It is an excellent way to change things up that will cinch you at the waist, providing you with that classic hourglass silhouette. Everything from skinny belts to thicker larger styles and even fabric ones will work wonders for your wardrobe.  

Hit The Floor

We all know what that standard, classic cardigan is but let's change it up with some additional length. The rage of the runways is all about dramatic silhouettes that can be achieved with a long, well-past-the-hip, draping cardigan that can also be worn with everything from your short shorts, palazzo pants or skirts.

Button or Draped

The fall fashion's favorite cardigan is all about the draped styles but don't underestimate one or the other. Button up styles have the ability to instantly incorporate a preppy look into your day and are perfect at giving you that classic look. Layer it on top of a collared shirt and you're ready for whatever the day brings your way. Draped cardigans on the other hand are more fashion-forward and relaxed, and can be all you need to satisfy your style this fall season.


Go Backwards

We know what you're thinking, wearing a cardigan backwards sounds ridiculous and we thought the same until we saw it for ourselves. Now, this will only work with a fitted button-up cardigan and looks best when paired with a high waist. It's super runway-worthy and believe it or not, no one will even know that it's backwards. Rock that scooped neck on your back.


You can also always wear a cardigan as a dress or with a dress! 'Tis the season for some fall booties, so show them off, ladies. Check out Seaside Boutique for incredible cardigans personally selected for the fall season and fashion trends.

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