3 Do's and Don'ts of Wearing Cardigans the Boho Chic Way

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Wearing a cardigan would seem like a simple thing to do and it certainly is, but there are some fashion tips of the trade to keep in mind when styling your next outfit. Since style is truly about expressing yourself through fashion, there is never a fashion rule that should be followed 100%. After all, rules were made to be broken, right? Instead, these are some fashion trend recommendations to help you out on those days where you just don't feel like you're doing it right.


Fashion Tip #1: Avoid Drastic Length Contrasts

This fall fashion season, long cardigans have taken the industry with a storm so chances are, you'll definitely be incorporating some of these stunning styles into your wardrobe. However, this fashion tip can also be applied to the opposite side of the spectrum in regards to cardigans - the cropped styles. So, whether you are rocking the trending floor length fringe cardigan or a waist-cropped style, try to avoid layering it over top of a shirt that is the opposite. For example, with a long cardigan, a longer tank would look best as opposed to a crop top. This is because the contrast in lengths creates a weird shape and proportion on your body that isn't always desirable.

Fashion Tip #2: Don't Overdo The Bulk

Oversized cardigans are totally must have items according to this season's fashion trends and with one look at the fall collection on Seaside Boutique, you'll be convinced! However, these can be a little tricky to style because they are already fairly large and bulky. The secret is balance. If your cardigan is oversized, don't wear them with loose fitting bottoms such as boyfriend jeans. Fashion tights and skinny jeans are ideal because they slim down the entire look.

Fashion Tip #3: Be Weary of the Skirt

While some cardigan styles definitely look amazing when paired with skirts, there are some styles that just don't compliment your attire and body the way you want. A long, wrap cardigan will look odd when paired with a shorter skirt, and even a knee-length one may be too un-proportional for your look of the day. However, wrap cardigans look stunning with dark jeans or fitted pants as the draped layers elongate your figure, providing you with a slim and stylish look. There is one more style of cardigan that you should be weary of when pairing it with a skirt and that is the boyfriend cardigans or oversized cardigans, as we like to call them. The long length and bulky comfort of these amazing fashion pieces don't always look best with full skirts or dresses and tend to look amazing with pencil skirts, shorts or fitted jeans instead.

But as we mentioned, ladies - these are just some fashion tips that are recommended and it is highly encouraged for you to rock a style that makes you look and feel comfortable and confident. Seaside Boutique has you covered with the cardigan craze! Check out our Instagram for even more style inspiration.

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