How to Wear Boho Chic Printed Pants

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I must start this fashion blog article off by saying, 'WOW'! As soon as I slipped myself into Paisley Print Jersey Bell Bottom Pants, I was blow away by the flattering fit, flawless feel and fashion forward boho-chic appeal that they instantly bring to an ensemble. Now that I am totally obsessed with all kinds of printed pants, I started questioning why I never wore them before. I came to the conclusion that it was because printed pants can seem so intimidating, and pairing them together in an outfit can seem hard. I'm sure many other ladies out there feel the same way I did, so I have dedicated this fashion blog post to teaching everyone out there how to wear printed pants perfectly so you don't have to cut your style short by steering clear of these kinds of bottoms. Alas, it is time to get printed!



#1 Rule of the Thumb

One of the biggest and most common mistakes made with printed pants is wearing too many prints. The bottoms are already bold enough, and combining them with a loud top is an explosion of too much. The #1 rule of thumb to follow when indulging in this incredible fashion trend is to let the pants do the talking, and keep the rest of your wardrobe fairly basic and simple. Solid toned tops work the best, and to choose which one will work wonders for your printed pants, just choose a tone that can be found in the pants and apply it to the top half of your ensemble.



#2 Accessory Secrets

Accessories work wonders for all outfits, including those that incorporate printed pants into the look. Now, there is a bit of a secret to implementing accessories with printed pants because too much can be too overwhelming. Add some individuality into your look with a long necklace, some bangle bracelets or even a thick fashion scarf or hat. While a belt is always an awesome accessory, wearing anything too close to the bottom half of your outfit can throw off the look. Stick to accessorizing the upper half of your body. However, if your printed pants are high waist, avoid a long necklace and pair with a boxy crop top instead.


#3 Love the Layers

Layer your printed pants with all kinds of different tops. Everything from stunning faux fur vests to a classic blazer is an excellent way to enhance your entire ensemble. Just be sure to stick with one tone that can be found in the printed pants to tie the look together. A long, loose cardigan is great for chillier days and work best with printed pants that are more like leggings to balance the look. An oversized sweater is also amazing with printed tights. So tuck in your tops, wrap them around, button them up and fall in love with layers.



Now, you can definitely still indulge in fashion styles that are slightly graphic but just avoid anything that has too much pattern or print. Shop all the styles at Seaside Boutique and you'll fall in love with printed pants and have yourself wondering why it took you so long to indulge in this fashion trend.

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