The Best Boho Chic Shoes to Wear with Flares

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You've been paying attention to the fall fashion trends of 2015 and are ready to get yourself a pair (or plenty) of flares, but you're unsure as to what shoes look best with this style of pant. Well, the good news is that every single style of shoe can be rocked with stunning flared jeans, flared printed pants and anything else that extends its width near the bottom. Heck, you can even wear those ugly and dirty shoes that you refuse to get rid of because they're so comfortable. Of course, you may just want to make sure your pants have a big enough flare to hide those beasts - or you can totally show them off. To each their own. However, if you're still stuck wondering how to wear those flares with shoes that are just as stylish as your pants, we've got you covered here at Seaside Boutique.



Chunky Heels

Stiletto heels go with everything, but depending on the length of your printed pants or flared jeans, the hem may be dragging along the street for the entire day. That's also not to mention that a thin heel can even pierce a self-made hole right through the back. So, the best pair of heels to wear with flared pants is the chunky heel, as the pants will generally flow with the bulk as opposed to getting tugged and tucked underneath them. It gets even better! Chunky heels can be found in every shoe style, from platforms to booties, open-toed, wedged and even lace-up styles. So you really aren't at a shortage of style.

Stick with Booties

You love your brand new over-the-knee boots that you purchased for the fall season, but they definitely aren't going to get the attention they deserve when wearing them with flares. That, or the boots get all the attention as you tuck the flare inside of the style, and then you don’t get to show off your brand new printed pants. Sacrificing style for a fashion trend is never fun, and you certainly don't have to this season. Booties are an excellent alternative that still give you that boot appeal that is a super trendy, but without taking away from your flared pants. Whether it's lace-up, buckles, zippers or simpler styles, booties are a must for flares. 

Flatten it Out

We can't forget about flat shoes, but there is something every lady needs to know when wearing these with flared pants. You have to make sure that the flare won't drag. So you may have to purchase a pair of printed pants specifically for wearing with flats, and another for wearing with high heels. If you wear printed pants that are the perfect length for flats, they'll be too short when wearing them with high heels and vice versa. The more the merrier, so this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.


So right there, ladies, you have tons of shoes to choose from when wearing your brand new pair of flares. Beware though. You are definitely going to be addicted to the incredible fit, feel and fashion that come from this stunning style of pants. Check out Seaside Boutique's Instagram and a look at the latest items added to our collection.

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