The Boho Chic Way to Wear Dresses in the Winter

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Just because the weather outside is frightful, or at the very least, getting chillier than what you're used to doesn't mean that you have to retire your favorite dresses and skirts from the previous season. You can wear the best styles of dresses even in the dead of winter, whether you're on the West Coast basking in the Cali sun or way up north in Alaska. You just need some fashion tips under your belt (no pun intended) that will give you that cozy appeal that is a must have element for the fall and winter fashion trends. With some layering knowledge, you'll be bringing those dresses out from the back of your closet, eager to make them totally adorable and stylish for the chillier months. Seaside Boutique has an incredible collection of dresses and skirts that are versatile for every season of the year. So shop away, ladies!



You Need Some Boho Chic Basics

Whenever you're thinking of incorporating stables from your summer wardrobe, such as dresses and skirts into your fall and winter looks, you will always need some basics. Well, unless you totally want to freeze your booty off, which isn’t worth it, and adding some basics into your closet will rejuvenate the look, and also make it perfect for the new season. The best part is that these must have fashion basics are affordable and all you really need. So grab some leggings, tights, thick socks, scarves, cardigans and boots to dress your skirt and dresses for the chillier weather.



Change Your Summer Styles

You may think that there is no type of layering or basics that can transition your summery dresses into the winter season, but don't get ahead of yourself. Everything is possible with these fashion tips! For those summer styles that scream warmer days, like a lace white dress, floral skirt or vibrant colors, bring it into the current month by layering on a blazer or cardigan with some thick socks or fashion tights and lastly, your best pair of booties. The new additions will steal the focus away from that summer print and design.



Scarves and Long Sleeve Styles

If you have some dresses within your wardrobe that already have long-sleeves, they’re perfect for the fall and winter season and you really don't have much to add in that cozy warmth. Blanket scarves are a huge trend for this fall fashion season and they can instantly take any dress or skirt and turn it into a masterpiece for this season. Bare some leg on the warmer days and balance out the look with some high boots. Voila!


Layer on a Vest or Cardigan

If you're looking for one fashion piece that can transform all of your dresses and skirts, it's a vest or cardigan. Throw it on top of your dress and pair with some ankle booties and thick socks and you're ready to trek the fallen leaves of the season. Some trending vest and cardigan styles for fall are, of course, a faux fur vest, fringe styles and even puffy vests. So, grab one in every style and your wardrobe will be complete.



Some Tights and Boots

Boom! Tights and boots are a favorite of the season. Add them to any dress within your wardrobe and it will instantly be perfect for fall. The excellent thing about this fashion tip is that there are so many different varieties of fashion tights - opaque, translucent, sheer, leather, thick, prints etc. and the more you have in your wardrobe, the easier it'll be for you to recreate new fall looks out of your summer staples.


What it really comes down to is adding as many layers as possible. Think of ways that you can incorporate a fringe cardigan, chic flat-brimmed hat, light jacket, blanket scarf, tights and thick socks into your next look or check out Seaside Boutique's Instagram for some !

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