Tying Scarves the Boho Chic Way

If you've recently gotten your hands on some fall scarves this season, you're certainly on top of the fashion trends because they are one of the absolute must-have items. With so many different styles and a variety of ways to wear scarves, it can seem tricky to incorporate them into your wardrobe. However, we've got some good news for you here at Seaside Boutique because it is so easy to rock these incredible fashion accessories, and we have all the tips you need.


Here are the top three fashion trends for fall scarves, and how you can pair each for a stunning ensemble that is perfect for the season.



Wearing Chunky Knits

Big, chunky knits are always a favorite for the fall season, and they are one of best and easiest scarves to add into your wardrobe. Since these scarves are so big and thick, they look best when paired with fitted clothing, such as a long sleeve top and some tights. Top the look off with a fringe cardigan or classic blazer and you're set for whatever the season has to bring.


Blanket Scarves Are The Biggest Fashion Trend

The biggest fashion trend for fall accessories this year are blanket scarves. They're literally like a miniature blanket that you wrap around your neck making them the perfect element to add into your cozy, warm fall attire. Blanket scarves look really good when loosely hanging from your neck, and if yours comes as a triangle or square cut (most do), wearing them is super flawless. If your blanket scarf is square, fold it crossway to make it a triangle. Twist both ends and hold the scarf up to the front of your chest. Wrap the twisted ends around the back of your neck and back around the front, tucking them under the part of the blanket scarf that is hanging down. You can also tie a knot underneath to keep the pieces hidden. Since these scarves are super comfy, pair them with a knit sweater and distressed denim, some fall booties and turn that sidewalk into your runway.


Infinity Scarf Styles are Endless

Infinity scarves are styles that come with no ends. In other words, they are all knitted together in one big circle, and all you have to do is slip them on over your head and twist, then slip over your head again. Continue to do so until it is the length you want. These fashion accessories come in a variety of different fabrics and styles, and wearing them depends on the thickness of the material. If your infinity scarf is made with chunky knits, pair them with tighter clothes. If it's made with some fringe elements, pair it with a fringe cardigan or tapestry bag and rock a stunning boho-chic appearance.


These three scarves basically cover all of the accessory fashion trends for scarves. Grab your outfit today at Seaside-Boutique, and don't forget to sign up for our newsletter so you never have to miss out on a discount, deal or some style inspiration.

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