The Fashion Trend of Tapestry: Boho Chic


With every season, there is a new fabric, print or material that appears at the top of the fashion trends list, and this fall season we are seeing something that has never really received the attention that it deserves. It's all about the tapestry fabric fashion trend, ladies. Basically, this stunning style can be described as fabric that have designs on them, which were formed by weaving together different threads of colors. It's a fashion trend that everyone should indulge it, and it is the perfect accent to any boho-chic wardrobe or ensemble. Here are some of our favorite tapestry fashion items you can get right now on Seaside-Boutique, and better yet, how you can style them! Check out outfit of the days on our Instagram for even more.



Travel in Tapestry

Tapestry bags are so haute to trot this season, making this ultimate fashion trend and accessory. The straps are long, so you can use it as a purse or a crossbody bag, and take it with you wherever you need to go. The size of our tapestry bag is also huge, so you can jam pack it with everything you need for work or notebooks for class, swap them out for extra clothes when you're sleeping over at a friends or some water bottles and a knit sweater when you're outside exploring the world. It's that perfect and that versatile. You'll never have to change bags for an occasion ever again. You just found your go-to item. 

Tapestry Makeup Bag for Essentials

When you're rocking such a stunningly large tapestry bag, you need to have a bit of organization or you'll be struggling longer than usual to find your favorite lipgloss. The real struggles of fashion and beauty can instantly be taken care of with a stunning tapestry makeup bag that can organize your entire life that can be found in your bag at any given time. Now, just because these items have 'makeup bag' attached to the title, don't be deterred to use them for anything and everything. If you're a student, grab a second one and use it as a haute pencil case or if you like doing some crafts, store your small items in a tapestry bag. You'll finally be able to find everything any time you start searching.


Complete your Ensemble

Incorporating tapestry fashion trends into your wardrobe is incredibly easy. Since the fabric already has a design or print on it, it is always a good idea to let the tapestry do the talking, and the rest of your outfit do the accenting. In other words, you don't want to pair your tapestry crossbody bag with a plaid blanket scarf, plaid shirt and printed leggings. Instead, pair it with some printed palazzo pants and a solid toned top, or some denim, a plain top and a fringe cardigan to turn up your boho appeal, and you're set. Basically, pair your basics and neutrals with tapestry.


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