Wearing Boho Chic Crop Tops Without Revealing Too Much Skin


Crop tops are all the rage right now. However, there is one huge misconception associated with this fashion trend. Since these styles of tops are cropped, many people assume that it is a requirement for you to show a ton of skin while wearing them. This is not true, ladies. Crop tops can actually be the ultimate addition to a classy ensemble or something that is totally boho chicacceptable for the office. You just need to know some tricks of this fashion trend. Prepare yourself though. You’ll be wondering how you went so long without adding the incredibly classy element of the crop into your wardrobe.


Get High Waists

As soon as you add some haute high waist bottoms into your wardrobe, whether printed pants, denim or skirts, you are eliminating the amount of skin that gets shown with crop tops. The higher the better; assuming you want to cover up as much stomach as possible. Yes, it is that simple ladies. If you want to make it even more sophisticated yet still keep that chic element well throughout your ensemble, throw on a fringe cardigan or cropped jacket. You'll be looking absolutely classy and covered, and far from too croppy.


Layer and Cover

For the days when you need to ensure that no midriff gets shown (like at the office), there are some fashion tips for you to follow. Layering works wonders with so many different fashion trends. You can never have too many jackets, cardigans and sweaters in your wardrobe. So, pull out some of your cardigans or jackets that can be closed with a zipper or buttons. Toss it on over your crop top, do it up a bit and your cropped top will officially look just like a regular tank. Your boss will have no idea you're baring your belly underneath your ensemble.


Stick With More Fabric

Not all crop tops are tanks. There are many styles that come with long sleeves, thicker fabric and an incredibly appropriate fit for everyone. Crop tops are no longer for the teens while they frolic on the Cali shores. Although, they definitely can be! If you're eager to indulge in this fashion trend but want to get something that is age appropriate and a little more sophisticated than the lace crop tops, just focus on the cut and fabrics used. You can find pretty much any style of top in a crop now, whether it's a blouse or hoody, tank top or tee. So, choose styles that are less revealing and cover more of your body than some of the other styles.



Nailing this celebrity favorite fashion trend has never been easier for those of us living in real lifetime. Crop tops can totally be worn to the office, on a chilly day and can be more chic than skimpy. These three fashion tips are basically all you need. That's also not to mention that crop tops can be paired with everything from skirts to pants, tights, denim and every different cut you could think of. Shop new styles at Seaside Boutique and have some fun with your wardrobe.

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