How to Wear Boho Chic Fall Fashion in the South

Living on the sandy shores of California, Florida or anywhere else in the world that doesn't get snow is like a dream. The only problem is that the weather is so nice; you rarely get to indulge in the fall fashion trends and certainly not the winter fashion trends. However, that isn't necessarily true. All you really need is some tips and tricks to incorporating them into your wardrobe. With Seaside Boutique being based out of the sunny California state, we have perfected the talent of wearing fall and winter fashion trends when it still feels like summer.



Sweaters are Practical

You may not be able to wear a big chunky knit on a daily basis, but you can certainly wear many trending sweaters. Even in the hottest places in the world, there are days that get chilly and you'll want some added warmth. It may not snow or even get below 50 degrees, but it'll feel like fall and winter to you. There are many knit sweater styles that are much lighter than the ones they wear at the North Pole. And there are just as many crochet cardigans and sweaters that can give you that added warmth as well as that fall and winter feel. Wear them with a pair of shorts, or tights on those chillier days to get that seasonal appeal. 

Vests are the Best

You definitely won't need a super puffer jacket that is big and bulky this season, which is one of the pros of being in a sunny place. However, you can still wear statement fall and winter fashions. The only difference is that you don't have to cover them up with massive coats. Just look at the runways. Vests are the best! They instantly give your wardrobe that cozy appeal without being too big, bulky and warm. Whether it’s a lace vest on the hot days or a thicker one for the colder days, you can’t skip out on the vest fashion.

Faux Fashion

If there is one fall fashion trend that you probably desperately want to indulge in, it's the faux fur. In relation to the previous tip on how to incorporate the fall and winter fashion trends into your wardrobe when you live somewhere warm, a faux fur vest is all you need to get that cozy feel of the season. You can layer them on top of a tropic dress, an LBD, shorts, tights, denim and rock them with flip-flops, heels or booties. Whatever you do, never ever underestimate the power of faux fur, especially during the fall and winter months.

Accessories are Key

If you are basically always hot, even on the colder days on the shore, there are fall fashion trend options for you. Accessories are key for any attire, especially when trying to fit fashion trends into your wardrobe that are from an entirely different place on the globe. Incorporate those knit pieces into your wardrobe without adding any warmth with some boot socks that peak just above your best footwear. Crochet leg warmers are also adorable and perfect for the fall and winter seasons being spent on the shore. As for blanket scarves, they are one of the biggest fall accessory trends this season and can completely transition your look into the new season.



These fashion trends are perfect for cold days spent up North, but everyone living by the shore can definitely enjoy them as well. Gone are the days of not being able to treat yourself to the cozy fashion of fall and winter. Find all of your outfit inspiration on our Instagram and shop the fall collection now. 

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