Boho Chic Basic Every Wardrobe Needs for Versatility

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It is no secret that every wardrobe needs some fashion basics if you're planning on getting the most out of your clothes. The real secret is all about the kind of basics you select. Since you'll be incorporating them into your outfits often, you want them to be of high quality. It makes sense; you use them more often and they need to be able withstand that and the washing and drying that follows. That's why you may be able to get away with some items in your closet being of lesser quality because they likely aren't going to be worn near as often. Now, the only thing left to do is to get the best kind of basics that every lady needs.



A Pair of White and Dark Skinny Jeans

Yes, every wardrobe needs both a pair of white skinny jeans and a pair of dark skinny jeans. They are the most versatile set of pants you could ever get, and can be paired with all kinds of colors, designs, fabrics, tops and accessories. Since everyone feels amazing in a fabulous pair of denim, you definitely want them in your wardrobe anyway. However, that's not to say that printed pants aren't just as worthy of your ensemble because as you're about to see, they come into play with the next basics fashion items.

Plenty of Tees and Tanks

If there is one thing you can never have enough of, it's plain toned tees and tanks. They are perfect for wearing as is, but they are also essentials for layering. Everything from your crochet fringe cardigan to a blazer, long sleeve top and floral top can go on top of all kinds of tees and tanks. That's also not to mention that solid tones are needed when you're really indulging in the fashion trends like printed palazzo pants. Tees and tanks are also perfect for adding a little extra warmth into your wardrobe during the colder months.

Whites, Greys and Blacks

You can't get more neutral than white, grey and black fashions. Whether it's a white blouse, black pants or a grey tunic, it can be incorporated into several different outfits. Now, you may think that these colors are just too boring for your sense of style, but that's when layering comes into play. You can instantly add personality into your wardrobe by adding in a tapestry crossover bag, or printed pants that are full of different colors.


It's time to load up on the accessories. The key is to find something that isn't specific to a season's trend if you really want to encourage versatility within your wardrobe. For example, plaid is always classic, chunky knit is must-have each year and you can't ever go wrong with lace or crochet. However, that's not to say that you should completely forget about adding in trending fall accessories specific to this year because they're obviously a trend for a reason. But when it comes to versatility, stick to basics that can be worn well throughout.


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