What Is Your Sense of Boho Chic Style?

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Figuring out what your style is within your wardrobe can be tough. After all, there are a gazillion of different style genres that surround you each and every day. Finding your personal style is really about determining what genre of clothing tends to absolutely captivate you. However, there is one common misconception about finding your sense of style. You don’t have to stick to just one. For example, just because your heart pulls at all the boho chic styles at Seaside Boutique doesn't mean that you can't get a little glam and posh every once in a while. For us at Seaside Boutique, it is obviously the bohemian, gypsy, beachy yet chic fashion trends but we also like the basics and even getting a little sporty or preppy from time to time. To help you find what style truly defines your wardrobe, we have listed some of the most popular ones. Once you know what really pulls at your fashion threads, you'll be able to find the best pieces to add into your style with ease.


The Preppy Look

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With the preppy look, think Ivy League or Regina George from Mean Girls. That is prep... or like, so totally fetch as she would say. While this look is often associated with being pretentious, it is actually a very classic style that looks intelligent and clean cut. Some typical wardrobe pieces for the prep style include blazers (which are a must within any girl's closet), polos, cable knit vests, khakis, skinny jeans, tennis skirts, knee-length dresses and no more short shorts. The colors are usually girly or neutral, pastels, browns and navy blues seem to be so fetch. Or so Glee, as Rachel Berry perfects this look in the show.



Boho Chic

Of course, boho chic is a favorite here at Seaside Boutique. It also happens to be one of the most popular styles recently as well, and with a quick look at the fashion trends, you'll see what you need to pull off this appeal. Boho usually incorporates earthy tones and relaxed style into your wardrobe. A flowy summer dress or even a tee and jeans are all you need to pull off the boho chic look, but don't underestimate its simplicity. The boho chic look also includes floral desins and tons of paisley print, sandals, accessories and a relaxed yet runway ready style. Nicole Richie is the epitome of this fashion.




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The vintage look is almost like channeling your inner 1920-1950s fashion icon. You are likely drawn to photos of the stunning Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. Or maybe you like a dapper style, or fringe fashion that is a huge fashion trend in the industry and on Seaside Boutique right now. This look often incorporates a lot of high waist shorts, rompers, cardigans, and longer skirts and dresses. The best thing is that hidden gems can be found in almost all second hand stores. Zooey Deschanel is a vintage goddess.




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If you wanna be my lover! It's time to think back to the days of the Spice Girls and Sporty Spice, only a little more chic for every day wear. The sporty sense of style brings in that Tomboy look. The clothes are comfy and loose fitting. Boyfriend jeans, sneakers, crop tops, varsity shirts, t-shirt dresses and basically everything casual can be pulled off to compliment this sense of style. Rihanna is an excellent example of how sporty can also be sexy and maybe even a little risqué.




We can't leave out the hipster style because this is certainly a huge trend. This fashion sense is really about being unique and creating your own personal style. Everything from flannel shirts, distresses jeans, boots and oversized blanket scarves are a must have within a hipster's wardrobe. Even though all of those items are huge fashion trends right now that can be found on Seaside Boutique, the hipster style has a way of wearing things totally different. Kristen Stewart pulls off this look flawlessly.



Now that you know what your sense of style is, you can shop the endless fashion trends available at Seaside Boutique. Our instagram is also full of outfit inspirations, so don't forget to head on over and give us a like!

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