How to Make your Wardrobe Boho Chic

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We're not all Kardashian-Jenners in this world, and purchasing an entirely new wardrobe every season simply isn't practical. This is why we all need to know some incredible fashion tips that can rejuvenate the clothes that we already have. While it is recommended to try to at least incorporate some of the season’s fashion trends into your wardrobe each season, you definitely don't have to. However, if you'd like to, Seaside Boutique has high quality style that is affordable, and you'll be amazed at what a new blanket scarf or printed pants can do for your entire look this fall and winter. Either way, these are fashion tips that you can use to spice things up during these chillier months.


Getting Rollin'

You'll probably be wearing a lot more long sleeve shirts this season. So, change up the look by rolling them. The plaid flannel shirt actually has a button on the sleeve, which makes this fashion trend tip super easy to achieve. Button or not, this little fashion tip is an effortless way to add in a little bit of casual and cozy appeal into your classic attire.

Start Cuffin'

As mentioned with the flannel shirt, you can cuff your shirts instead of rolling them. However, you can also cuff your women's jeans to switch up the style just enough to satisfy your seasonal desires. While it used to be a trend to cuff the bottom of your pants on the inside to get a hemmed appeal, showing the inside of your pants by folding them on top of the leg is actually a seriously chic style. It's also an excellent way to show off your new pair of booties! And don't forget, you can cuff once, twice or as many times as you want in order to get the style you desire.

Down in Drape

Loose fitting, draping fashions are a total must have fall fashion trend. Just check out the cardigan styles on Seaside Boutique, and you'll see that this is a huge hit. So, you can instantly pull off this appeal by adding in some more fringe, draping styles into your wardrobe, or you can stretch out the neckline of an old sweater so that it drapes over your shoulder, or better yet, steal your boyfriend's cardigan.

Time to Get Knotty

Tying your clothes is a fashion tip that I think every lady needs to know. The thing is that this is only recommended on clothes that are already too large, or that are old and never worn since knotting the fabric can make it lose it's shape. So, if you want to get a better fit on a loose top, tie a knot around the middle for a creative finish that is personalized. You can also do this with tunics or longer shirts to shorten the length.

Tuckin' It

Every lady has to be able to perfect the tuck. Whether it's a half tuck, side tuck, back tuck, front tuck or whatever kind of tuck you can come up with, perfect it. It can instantly change the entire look of your ensemble, showing a little less or a little more, or by adding more fit to your wardrobe. You can also tuck all kinds of tops. So, don't limit yourself to just your tees! Sweaters, cardigans and long sleeves can all get in on the tucking action.


Belts are also a great way to rejuvenate your current clothes without having to spend a ton of money. Shop now at Seaside Boutique or simply incorporate these fashion tips into your wardrobe for an instant change.

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