A Fashion Boutique Shopper's Confession

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As someone who has the opportunity to not only shop at Seaside Boutique but also gets to try all the clothes on before making a purchase, I have a serious fashion statement that I want to make. While recently going through an abundance of new items that I received from this online fashion boutique, I decided to bring my cousin over to take a look at my recent fashionable goodies. While looking over the clothes online and on the hangers filling my closet, we both came to the same conclusion:


The clothes don't do justice on the rack. 


As an avid online shopper, you may also agree. There are plenty of online fashion boutiques that have incredible clothes but the photos really don't do any justice at all. What's worse is when you get the clothes that look good online and then they look awful on. I can truthfully say that the complete opposite happens with the clothes at Seaside Boutique. However, since there are so many "bad" fashion boutiques out there, many of us skip over some must have fashion trends and styles just because the photos or even models wearing the clothing doesn't show you how amazing the clothes really are.


So, I took it upon myself to write a different kind of fashion blog post today. My cousin and I came to this conclusion as we took another day to actually put all of the clothes on. Now, don't get me wrong. We were damn excited about the clothes even when they were on the hangers but as soon as we slipped those bad boys on, our wardrobes were changed.


Honestly. Life was over as we knew it.


As soon as we put the clothes on, it was like we were shocked, as we were totally stunned with how much more amazing they look when you're the one actually wearing them. So, I've come to the conclusion that this is something everyone needs to know. You simply can't judge an online fashion boutique solely on the pictures that you see within the collection or even on the latest Instagram outfit posts.


Now, I understand that not everyone has the opportunity to try the clothes on before purchasing. Technology has changed the way we shop, and instead of lugging piles of clothes to change rooms, we click "add to our cart". However, I wanted to share my recent photos of my cousin and I having some fun with the fashion trends that can be found at Seaside Boutique with you because we were truly amazed. As mentioned, the clothes look incredible online but man, when they get added into your own wardrobe, it's a world-changer.


And trust me, ladies. As a self-proclaimed shopaholic, I can't really say this for all online fashion boutiques out there. Just as fabulous as Seaside Boutique clothing items are, there are just as many bad stores that can be found all over the internet. However, I wanted to write this post to you because I think every lady out there needs to be able to shop and trust her online fashion boutique. I hope that not only my recent experience but also my cousin's experience indulging in the Seaside Boutique fashion has shown you that just because something may not look absolutely runway ready online doesn't necessarily mean that it won't work wonders for your next ensemble. Mind you, everything does look runway ready online, so can you imagine how badass they are when you finally receive the clothing.

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