How To Shop Online Boho Chic Styles that Fit

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Buying your favorite fashion trends online can be difficult. That's no secret. With the change in technology, you simply can't lug your best finds from an online fashion boutique and try them on before making a purchase. However, that doesn't mean that online shopping has to be a "trial and error" kind of experience. There are just some little fashion tips you need to know to ensure that you get the ultimate fit to deter those online exchanges and returns. Seaside Boutique has all the fashion trends and fashion tips that you need to shop online without fear!


Know Your Measurements

Before online shopping became such a hit, you didn't really have to know your exact measurements. Sometimes you were a small, other times you were a large but it didn't matter because you could try them on in a change room. However, since there is no time-traveling changing room that allows you to do so with all of your latest finds at an online fashion boutique, you have to know your body measurements. Which ones you need depends on the kind of clothing that you're shopping. However, as a rule of thumb, try to know the size of your shoulders, chest, waist, hips, sleeve length and leg inseam. So grab a measuring tape, ladies. It'll enhance your online fashion boutique shopping experience. 

Check the Size Chart

Many online fashion boutiques will get their clothes from various different wholesalers. In other words, some will have fashion trends that come from all over the place, which makes finding the proper fitting clothes difficult because each wholesaler is different. Many reputable fashion boutiques will usually have a handful of places they pick fashion trends from, so the same sizes won't be completely off the charts. However, when in doubt, check the size chart. This will give you a conversation of sizing tiers and break it down into measurements. Just be sure to check the size chart for every item since the measurements may change per wholesaler. If you can't find one, check the information on what the model is wearing. It may give you a better understanding of what size you fall into.

Find the Brands That Fit You

Just as you would with the stores in a shopping mall, you need to find the brands that fit you the best. Since many online fashion boutiques have a variety of brands that they offer, you may find that you look best in certain ones. You may also find that one brand may cater to big booties, small chests or even plus sizes. Knowing this information can make online shopping a breeze.

Know the Return Policy

When you're shopping at a new online fashion boutique, always review the return policy. Some won't accept returns and will only offer exchanges, and some only offer store credit. This sounds all fine and dandy until you realize that you're shopping at an online fashion boutique that doesn't offer any clothes that seem to fit right, and then you're stuck with a store credit you're never going to use. Seaside Boutique offers a 60-day money back guarantee. No questions asked. This is a huge benefit, so stick with online fashion boutiques that offer the same.



To enhance your online shopping experience, doing a little prep work first can pay off in the end. Note the ones that you want to avoid, and become a shopaholic at the online fashion boutiques that offer you every fashion trend and fabulous fit you could ever dream of. Check out how the clothes fit on our Instagram, and don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter to never miss out on exclusive fashion tips, news and discounts.

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