A Boho Chic Breakdown of Shawls, Scarves and Cowls


Dressing fashionable is easy; understanding fashion is complicated. With so many different terms used to describe fashion trends, knowing what each new style is and what all the new articles of clothing are can definitely be confusing. Since we aren't all fashion designers with a huge style encyclopedia that breaks down all the vogue jargon, allow Seaside Boutique to decipher the differences between the most popular fashion trends of the season. At first, shawls, scarves and wraps may all seem like the same but each definitely has its own unique attributes. As soon as you know what each is, you can head on over to our Fall Collection and shop away!



The Season of Scarves

There's no better way to start off this fashion blog post other than with scarves, because they are literally the must have fashion trend of the season. It just so happens that this year, there are so many different styles that are trending. Of course, all can be found at Seaside Boutique right now. The good thing about there being so many different kinds of scarves as fashion trends this season is that each one adds a different appeal into your wardrobe. For instance, there are the infinity scarves, which are designed in a loop. These styles have no ends and simply wrap around your neck until it is the length you want. Some are narrow and fine but the best trends right now are the infinity scarves that are wide and thick. Then, there are foulard scarves that are cut into large squares and these tend to be a trend well throughout the entire year. Blanket scarves are similar to foulards but tend to have a design and fabric to get that 'blanket' appeal. Lastly, there are the ever-so-trending oversized scarves that get worn as everything from a head scarf (hello, vintage), can be worn as a shawl, over the hips, around the neck or whatever you want.

Style in Shawl

Without getting technical, this fashion trend can be described as a large rectangular, triangular or square piece of fabric that is similar to a scarf. The main difference is that a shawl is typically used to wrap around your shoulders, as opposed to just your neck. They are typically used as a stylish accent for formal wear. Your favorite fashion icons from the 50s were often seen with luxurious fur shawls wrapped around them. There are also mobius shawls, which are the same as regular shawls but have no ends. They're crafted into a circle similar to the trending infinity scarves.

Wearing a Wrap

A wrap is actually a shawl or a stole. Now since you already know what a shawl is, let's figure out what in the world a stole is. They're similar to shawls. However, they're typically made of elegant fabrics, are narrower in width and often drape around the entire body. Stoles are like a combination between a kimono cardigan and a luxurious shawl. There's also a shoulderette, which is a combination between a sweater and a shawl but many don't have sleeves or an open front. Generally speaking, these aren’t commonly found within the modern fashion trends, but who knows. Maybe they’ll come back into style in the future.

Chic in Cowls

The most common cowls can be found on sweaters but sometimes they are designed as an accessory as well. A cowl is either a hooded cloak or a draped neckline. Adding a cowl neck sweater into your wardrobe can instantly transform your entire look. Seaside Boutique has plenty of these styles available right now because they are one of the best fashion trends of the season.


Now that you know what all these different fashionable items are, you can go on a shopping spree and enhance your entire fall and winter fashion. Join the Seaside Boutique newsletter and stay up to date on the incredibly style available to you. 

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