Fighting the Winter Blues with Boho Chic Trending Hues

Swap out the neon pinks and pretty pastels. The color palette has changed once again as we switch into a new season of fashion. With fall well upon us and winter quickly creeping up, there are some new hues to add into your wardrobe. These will be sure to add in all the warmth you need to pull off the best fashion trends for this time of year. Whether you're enjoying chillier days on the shore or are battling the first snowstorm of the season, allow your wardrobe to mimic the hues of the falling leaves and the snow filled streets. Here at Seaside Boutique, we have added a ton of new color fashion trends into our collection for you to enjoy. Your wardrobe doesn't have to be as dark and dreary as the winter blues may have you feeling.



Time to Get Rustic

If there is any time of year where different tones of oranges are the perfect accents to your ensemble, it's the fall and winter seasons. Cuddle up in front of the fireplace in burnt orange, soft oranges and rusty browns. These are the perfect tones that will have you enjoying the humbling and cozy appeal that is always a must during the time of
year. These rustic hues aren't incredibly bright and out there, making them easy to add into your current wardrobe. So don't be discouraged to try out some oranges. They can give you all the mellow, comforting and warming shades you need to battle the winter.

Battle The Stormy Blues

Deep, dark tones are always amongst the best fashion trends during the fall and winter seasons. So, bring the outdoors into your wardrobe with stormy blues that can add all the elegance and chic elements you want. Everything from lush teals and cool blues are an absolute must that can add some spark and glamour into your wardrobe. You can also turn those overcast days into a fashion statement with strong and empowering hues of gray. If it's a color on the snow banks or in the sky, it definitely needs to be one in your closet.

A New Dose of Neutrals

Forget about wearing whites and blacks this season to pull off a neutral appeal. The fashion trends for fall and winter have welcomed a new dose of neutral tones into the industry. Swap out the classics for some trending tones such as dried herb to pull off a sophisticated, humbling and chic look. Olive greens can provide so much more than just safari and military ensembles, and can truly add all the earthy tones you need to feel warm. Desert sage is another one at the top of the fashion trend lists, as it is an ideal neutral. Not only is this tone timeless and incredibly stylish, but it can also bring a cool and soothing element into your outfit.

Posh in Purples

Gem tones are also a huge fashion trend during the fall and winter season, but this year, it's all about the purples. Whether it's a deep and dark hue that mimics your favorite glass of red wine, a vibrant and intriguing gem or takes on a more feminine appeal with a soft pink hue, it's a color you need. Those deep red-brown hues are the root to pulling off a sophisticated yet earthy ensemble. Dramatic orchid tones can add a fashion forward element into your look, while soft pinks can captivate the chicness of the season. Needless to say, purples are the way to pull off the posh look during the fall and winter.


So forget about sticking with "safe" tones. The year is coming to an end, and you might as well go out with a bang in your wardrobe with some daring, captivating and exciting colors. Seaside Boutique has a wide range of fashion trends within our online fashion boutique, and if you love these style tips, don't forget to check out our Instagram for more style inspiration.

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