A Boho Chic Winter with Different Cuts and Styles

Cuts, fit, styles, colors, oh my. There are so many winter fashion trends to add into your wardrobe that will give you that cozy chic appeal. What may surprise you is that one of the best indulgences of this chillier season are the trending fabrics of fashion; ones that are often forgotten. Just like lighter fabrics are an absolute must during the summer season, there are some must have fabric fashion trends that can complete your entire look. They differentiate a summer dress from a winter dress, and even a spring tunic to a winter one. So without further ado, here are some materials you certainly want in your closet.



Chunky Knits

The chunky knit trend seems like a no brainer for the winter fabric fashion trends. It's the ultimate material that can instantly make your look perfect for cozying up in front of the fireplace. It generally only makes an appearance within the fashion industry once a year - during winter. So, you definitely want to reap all of its benefits while it's here. If you're in the warmer locations such as Cali, you may think that chunky knits simply aren't practical. However, you just have to take advantage of the amazing knit winter accessories, such as chunky knit infinity scarves, leg warmers, boot socks and knit caps instead of those super warm cableknit sweaters.

Full in Wool

One of the most original fabric fashion trends for the season is dressing head-to-toe in wool. To pull off a similar look that is just as haute without being too hot is to incorporate other comfy, casual materials. Pair some leggings with a sweater that is the same color, or some comfy lounge pants with a shirt that is also the same tone.

Fabulous in Fur

Whether you're a fur lover or like to indulge in faux fur, 'tis the season for it. Fur is another one of those fabric fashion trends that are hard to pull off during the spring and summer seasons. So, they only make an appearance around the fall and winter. The best thing about this winter fashion trend is that less is definitely more. Small fashion accessories such as fur mittens or a faux fur vest are really the ultimate way to pull off this look.

Delicate Fabrics

The delicate material fashion trends are new to the winter season. Since they're much more lightweight, they tend to stick to the warmer seasons. However, winter has indulged, and elegant, dainty fabrics have proven that they're just as worthy of the chillier months. So pull off this look, add some lace tops into your wardrobe or some precious embroidery that can be found in everything from your basic tees, sweaters, pants, skirts and dresses.


As you can see, simply changing up the materials you wear during the winter season can be all you need to pull off the new set of fashion trends. Head on over to Seaside boutique and explore the new fabrics that can amp up that cozy, chic appeal every lady desires during this season. Don't forget to sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on all the upcoming fashion trends, outfit inspirations, deals and discounts, as well as so much more.

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