Boho Chic New Years Outfits You Probably Forgot About

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The year is ending and every fashionable lady deserves to go out dressed to the nines. With winter storms blowing in up north and days on the boardwalk getting a little chillier, dressing in that sequin LBD may not sound so practical. The good news is that just because the weather isn't a fan doesn't mean that your fashion has to miss out. Here are some fashion tips for New Years outfits! As always, Seaside Boutique is the fashion boutique that has everything you need. So, head on over and check out our collection. 

Swap Out The Pumps

Peep toe heels and stiletto pumps are your favorite, and you probably haven't even thought about how fabulous boots can be with a dress. Depending on the occasion of your New Years Eve festivities, you may want to wear a fancier pair of boots with a high heel, or some flats if you're outdoors watching the ball drop. Whatever you do, don't freeze your legs off just for fashion. You can actually enhance your look without getting hypothermia. Just pair your booties with some boot socks, and you're ready for whatever strikes after midnight.

Think Beyond the Dress

We all love dresses, especially on New Years Eve. After all, it's the best excuse to dress fancy! What may surprise you is that you can be just as elegant and fashionable in printed pants and a stunning blouse. You just have to think beyond the dress. This New Years Eve outfit works wonders because printed pants are still fancy and incredibly sexy (the fit is jaw dropping), and with a lavish top, your look is complete. It's also be an excellent way to stand out from the crowd, and get you that lucky kiss when the ball finally drops at midnight. 

Travel in Warmth

Okay, so you won't budge on the dress or the pumps. Well, one of the best New Years Eve outfit fashion tips you could ever get is to dress for the travel. There is nothing worse than being stuck outside waiting for a cab in the freezing cold. Your outerwear does not have to jeopardize your fabulous sense of fashion. Grab a trendy infinity scarf and swap out the big puffy jacket for a kimono sweater. You could even throw a knit hat in your handbag for once the night is over and you're heading home. Strip off the layers when you've reached your destination, and you won't have to spend the first hour thawing out. 

Rethink Outfits for Outdoors

If you have plans that are definitely going to be outside, whether it's downtown watching the ball drop or ice skating with some friends you will want to be prepared. While you most certainly want to pull out that bedazzled dress from your closet that has yet to see its debut, you may want to rethink your New Years outfits for outdoor festivities. Fashion is about dressing for the occasion, and wearing a sequin dress in the middle of a snow-invested vicinity isn't going to feel great. Casual can be incredibly chic. Wear your best pair of skinny jeans or printed leggings, a stunning tunic, boot socks, your latest purchase of footwear and a wrap of an infinity scarf and you've nailed your New Years outfit for outdoors. 

So, stop thinking inside the closet. Open the doors and embrace the unique New Years outfit ideas that are available to you. Check out some outfit inspiration ideas on Seaside Boutique's Instagram, and of course, head on over to our fashion boutique and turn these fashion tips into action!

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