What Colors Look Best For Your Skin Tone?

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We've all had those moments where we wonder why that awesome new shirt you just bought doesn't look as ravishing as it did on the manikin or on someone else. Just like makeup, you need to consider the colors that work best for your skin tone when trying to find the most flattering look that brings out the best of your natural beauty. There are specific tones that compliment your hair, eyes and skin tone flawlessly. Knowing these colors will give you an undeniably stunning look with next to no effort. With these fashion tips and the incredible collecton found well throughout Seaside Boutique, you can completely transform your wardrobe.

If You're a "Warm" Skin Tone

You may have a warm skin tone if you have dark brown, deep red, auburn or black hair. Your eyes are probably brown or green, and your skin tone is olive or golden, as opposed to white, pale or dark. It's in between, and you probably tan easy as well. Lucky you!  Warm complexions look best in vibrant reds, oranges, peach, golden yellows and browns, and olive green. Gold fashion accessories are also fabulous on you. 

If You're a "Cool" Skin Tone

Women with a cool skin tone typically have blonde or light to medium brown hair with fair to pale skin. Your eyes could be anything from light green, hazel, blue, or take on a more greyish shade. You probably can't sit out in the sun for too long without some SPF 60, and if you take a look at your veins on your wrist, they probably have a blue hue. The colors that look best with your cool complexion are; reds with blue undertones, pinks, teals, blues, turquoises, purples and mint greens. Silver fashion accessories are basically the masterpiece to any look. 

We can also break it down into simpler terms, although they aren't as specified.


If You Have Light Skin

Paler skin tones look amazing in tones that add a blast of contrast. Add in some jewel tones such as a bold and deep emerald tone to add some flavor into your look. Pastels such as baby blues are also stunning when paired with light skin tone that offers a more subtle contrast. For neutrals, charcoal grays or tans are where it's at! It also just so happens that Seaside Boutique has a collection full of these fabulous tones as well!

If You Have Medium Skin

Medium skin tones (think Selena Gomez) look incredible in metallics from silvers to coppers - and consider yourself lucky, since not a lot of people can pull this off as fabulously as you. Neons are also one of those vibrant tones that not everyone can pull off, but if you have medium toned skin, the contrast is totally runway worthy. As for neutrals, dove gray looks amazing, but of course, blacks and whites are just as awesome. Basically, you can wear fashion that many other women can't - we envy you. 


If You Have Dark Skin

Darker skin tones also have a lot of hues that they can pull of flawlessly that other skin tones can't. For starters, bright, bold colors such as cobalt blue and ruby red bring a spark of style that is unforgettable! On the complete opposite skin, pale pastels also look fabulous with cocoa complexions. So, add in some light yellows! As for neutrals, whites offer a stunning contrast and of course, black is always a classic. 

Now that you know what hues look best with your complexion, it's time to revamp your wardrobe and go on a shopping spree. Seaside Boutique has all kinds of fashion and style - as well as colors that can work wonders for any look you're going after. For some outfit inspiration, check out our Instagram and of course, don't miss out on exclusive deals and discounts and sign up for our newsletter. 

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