Boho Chic Fashion Trends For Your Winter Getaway

It’s that time of year where the holidays are over and the winter blues start to set in, but it’s nothing that a little fashion can’t fix. There’s nothing like the feeling of adding new fashion trends into your wardrobe, and it’s even better when they’re for a winter getaway. Escape the cold, dreary and often miserable days of winter and snag some of these styles at Seaside Boutique along with a plane ticket to somewhere tropical!



Crochet Cover Up


What you may not know about fashion trends for winter getaways is that you don’t have to go to a swimwear retail store to get them. This is excellent news because many retailers jack up the price on such items since they’re in high demand during this time of year as everyone eagerly tries to escape the winter. So, get a little creative and rock your crochet knit sweater top on the shore. It has all the breeziness you need to keep you cool while frolicking on the shores. The best part is that it can also be worn in your everyday wardrobe as well. Versatility is powerful, ladies.


Dresses For The Shore

Since Seaside Boutique is based out of Cali, we have a wide range of dresses that are perfect for some fun in the sun. Grab some dresses that are super summery and perfect for a tropical location and enjoy them once you’re back home and the weather gets warmer. You also don’t want to forget about the maxi dresses that are still a serious fashion trend to be reckoned, and the Bell Sleeve Dress is super worthy of the shore. It is light, breezy and totally boho chic.


Shorts Galore

Again, because we are based in Cali, our selection of shorts is always vast and available all year round! For your winter getaway, grab some low rise denim shorts that have a lace hem. It brings all kinds of femininity and style to the beach wardrobe. But don’t forget about those lazy days after too many cocktails and grab a pair of Gabriela shorts. They are super comfortable, and are perfect for slipping over your bikini bottoms.


Pretty in Printed Palazzo Pants

I can’t complete this fashion blog post without talking about my all-time favourite pair of pants available on Seaside Boutique. The Printed Flare pants have a fit that is bound to make all those beach boys stare and are perfect for throwing over your bikini or wearing to the dance floor. The flares also add in that breezy element so your pants don’t cling to you in the tropical heat. No winter getaway suitcase is complete without these versatile pants.


Of course, you can always grab some fashion accessories for your winter getaway, but these fashion trends are truly the most important that every lady needs in her suitcase. Check out Seaside Boutique's Instagram for some outfit inspirations that will get you ready for sunny days spent on the shore!


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