5 Must Have Spring Boho Chic Fashion Trends for 2016

Savour a glimpse at what the future holds. With warmer days ahead of us, we can finally get excited about flipflops and mani-pedis, and ditch the knits and salt-stained boots. Bring on the sunshine and embrace the warmth within your wardrobe. Shop these 5 must have fashion trends at Seaside Boutique right now, and get excited about the spring fashion trends for 2016.



Little Handy Handbag

    Say goodbye to your massive purses, and enjoy trendy fashion that comes in smaller doses. The handbag trends for 2016 are all about small, feminine and of course, super chic. The trick is to make sure that the handbag or purse is small enough to cater to the fashion trends, but large enough to be practical like the Crossbody Fringe Bag. After all, what’s the purpose of a handbag that barely fits a lipgloss, right?


    High Waist Jeans

      Either the spring fashion trends for 2016 are taking a page from last year, or we have already been ahead of the style game because Seaside Boutique has loved high waist jeans long before this year rolled in. However, if this fashion trend is new for you, let me just tell you – get several pairs of high waist jeans! They are super haute and perfect for dressing you up on those days where you feel way too bloated to function.


      The Shirt Dress

        If you’re looking for chic spring fashion trends for 2016, you’ve just met your match. The shirt dress is insanely versatile and can be taking right from the boardroom to the bar. Just change up your accessories, and you’re ready for whatever the next 24-hours bring. Pair a plaid shirt dress with over-the-knee socks and boots, or indulge in a crisp and clean style with a white dress shirt. Boyfriends and husbands all over the world are going to have to put a lock on their wardrobe to keep us ladies from stealing their oversized dress shirts.


        Style in Stripes

          Every year, spring hits and stripes are back with a powerful punch of style. The spring fashion trends for 2016 are no different, as stripes make another splash into our wardrobes. Shop Seaside Boutique and explore the different styles that can be accomplished with this linear look.


          Lightweight Sweater

            The best kinds of spring fashion trends for 2016 are ones that are just as practical as they are stylish! The lightweight sweater trend is a must. While you may not have a need to pull out those chunky knits from the winter season, there are bound to be some days where a nice, light sweater can provide comfort and an added dose of haute-ness.


            There are many more boho chic trends to enjoy, but these must have items will get your style started for the warmer months ahead. Join our newsletter to never miss a fashion heartbeat, and check out our Instagram for outfit inspirations!




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