Unsightly Fuzz Balls is Not Boho Chic

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If there are some fashion tips every lady needs to know, it’s how to get rid of clothes that have pilling. Although you may not know the term “pilling”, you definitely know what it is. Basically, pilling is when your clothes have suddenly gathered clumps of tangled fabrics that appear as unsightly fuzz balls. Unfortunately, simply swiping a lint roller over your clothes doesn’t fix the problem either. The good news is that when you shop high quality fashion trends that can be found at Seaside Boutique, the risk of pilling is decreased. However, sometimes it’s still completely unavoidable. So, you need some handy fashion tips under your belt. No pun intended!


How Does Pilling on your Clothes Happen?


Pilling can come from your legs rubbing together as you walk, or from sitting, or basically from doing anything that involves even the slightest bit of friction. So, what’s a lady to do? Well, don’t throw out your knit sweaters, yoga pants, leggings and other amazing fashions. There is a solution.


Disposable Razors to the Rescue

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Disposable razors have probably come to the rescue several times throughout every lady’s life, and this is just another one to add to the books. Now, the idea of dragging a razor along your chic fashion probably makes you cringe. Do not worry. When done correctly, you won’t damage the fabrics and will simply eliminate the tangled ones that are so very unwanted. All you need is a disposable razor with sharp blades. Lay your pilling clothes flat on the ground, and pull fashion tips, fashion trendsthe fabric just a bit to keep things taut. Then, “shave” off those annoying fuzz balls. Yes, it is that simple!


Velcro Hair Roller Hero

You can also grab a Velcro hair roller. If you don’t have any, you can pick some up at a dollar store, along with a disposable razor if you really need to take care of pesky pilling. For this do-it-yourself solution, simply lay your item of clothing on a flat surface and pull so it’s taut. Then, start pushing and rolling it on the areas that have pills to pick them up.


Store Bought De-Pillers

There are many retailers that also sell little handy devices that will remove any pills on your clothes. This is an ideal solution if you find yourself constantly dealing with pills, and are constantly on a search for disposable razors or Velcro hair rollers in your home that fashion tips, fashion trendscan never be found when you need them the most. Plus, if you’re a little uneasy about treating your amazing wardrobe to these do-it-yourself fashion tips, this is a good option that you can feel safe using.


How To Prevent the Pilling

Some of the best fashion tips you can get are all about prevent the pilling. While it’s sometimes inevitable, there are many things you can do to decrease the chances of your fashion sense getting fuzzy. Before washing your clothes, always turn them inside out and use the gentle cycle on fabrics that you find to be pilling more often.


Who knew that one of the most common and most annoying wardrobe malfunctions or fashion faux pas could be so easy to get rid of? If you find that your entire closet is constantly pilling, it could be that the quality of fashion you’ve been shopping simply isn’t up to par. Fortunately, Seaside Boutique is here to save the day once again! Our collection is packed with fashion trends made with durability and high quality fabrics.   That’s right, ladies. We don’t just have awesome fashion tips, but even better fashion items! Sign up for our newsletter to never miss a beat! 


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