How To Look Boho Chic & Casual

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Dressing casual is something we all know how to do, but sometimes throwing on a basic tee and some boyfriend jeans just isn’t enough for your sense of style. Every lady needs to know how to perfect the talent of dressing casual chic because it’s an excellent option for whatever you do, whoever you are and whatever your fashion sense is. Plus, it’s totally effortless and wearing comfortable clothing is always a bonus to any day. Here are all the fashions tips you need to pull off a casual look that is a little more put together than if you were to simply throw on some pieces of clothing.  Once you have these fashion tips down pat, it’s time to head on over to Seaside Boutique and shop some wardrobe basics.


Accessorize to Perfection

If you don’t have a drawer full of accessories, you certainly need to change that. Jewelry, hats, sunglasses, belts – you name it – they can all turn a basic tee and pants into a masterpiece. Accessories also allow you to personalize your outfits, and it literally takes less than two seconds – or however long it takes to slip on a stunning necklace and a matching tapestry clutch. So grab those fashion accessories, ladies and complete your casual ensembles.


Swap out the Heels

fashion tips, fashion trends, outfits

Your shoes make a huge difference in the kind of fashion appeal you’re trying to achieve. Wearing a basic tee and boyfriend jeans with a pair of pumps can take you straight from the boardroom to the bar. However, the best pair of shoes for casual chic attires are flats. Whether it’s booties, boots, sandals, ballet flats or something else, it keeps your casual lookbook chic yet practical.


Keep Your Basics Neutral

fashion tips, fashion trends, outfits

When purchasing basic tees, leggings, long sleeve shirts, or anything simple, look for neutral tones to increase their versatility. While every wardrobe needs some statement pieces, keeping basic fashion white, black, grey, or cream allow you to pair them with all kinds of different pieces of clothing. A graphic tee can’t always be paired with a showstopper vest, but a white tee definitely can! Your basic tees, leggings and shirts don’t always have to be neutral toned, but solid toned is usually a safe bet to be able to incorporate them into different looks.


Learn to Layer

fashion tips, fashion trends, outfits

Layering is key to turning a regular outfit into a stunning one. You can completely change the appeal of your casual ensemble simply by adding on some layers. It could be a big chunky knit sweater, scarf, jewelry or even a faux fur vest, they all work wonders. A tee and pair of jeans can be boring, but a basic tee, distressed denim jeans with a statement belt and matching bangles can take your wardrobe to the next level. So pick your basics, then play around with other pieces of fashion to see how you can layer on an additional level of chic elements.


Picking up some fashion specific to the fashion trends is always a bonus, as it can keep your casual outfits on point! Check out Seaside Boutique for all of your basic tees, bottoms and accessories, and for everything that is current on trend!

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