Boho Chic Do’s and Don’ts: Bringing a Winter Wardrobe into Spring

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After battling the chill of winter, you’re ready to dive into some summer dresses and sandals! We hear you loud and clear! You’ve spent the last several months in heavy knits and countless layers, and although they’re super chic, you’re ready to strip down into something lighter. Here are Seaside Boutique, we have all the fashion tips you need to transition your winter wardrobe into spring. And of course, we also have all the chic fashions you need to embrace the sunshine within your ensembles.


These do’s and don’ts to transitioning your winter wardrobe into spring are only recommendations! Fashion is all about rocking what works for you and your personality, and so feel free to take these fashion tips as you please!


Do Buy a Raincoat

There’s that good ole’ saying, “April showers bring May flowers,” and regardless of your location, you’re probably in for some rainy days! There is nothing more uncomfortable than soaking wet clothing, and it can really put a drag on your sense of style. So, grab a raincoat! There are plenty of styles that are incredibly fashionable that will keep your chic fashion dry while battling the puddles. At the very least, grab some spring jackets that can layer on a little protection against the inevitable precipitation. 

 fashion trends, fashion tips, chic fashion

Don’t Wear Fur

I really don’t like saying don’t wear fur, but it’s somewhat of a fashion rule that fur, faux and not, is meant for the chillier months. However, if you want to rock your fur vest over a summer dress, all the power to you! But chances are the temperatures will make your haute fur way too sweaty.


Do Wear Rain Boots

If you’re going to keep your chic fashion dry, you definitely want to do the same for your feet. Just like raincoats, there are tons of rain boots that are incredibly fashionable. No rubber duckies over here! Plus, squeaky shoes can really put a damper on your stylish step.


Don’t Forbid The Boho Chic Sweaters

The spring weather is definitely refreshing after spending months cooped up inside. But it isn’t time to forbid those sweaters just yet. There will be days in the spring and summer where a little added layer is needed. So, keep some of your favorite styles within your closet, and layer up in chic charm. You’ll also be amazed at how incredible chic lace hem shorts can look with a sweater, or how stunning cropped boyfriend jeans look with a pullover.


Do Add in some Color

Finally, it’s time to shed the dark tones and winter hues for some colors that are much more lively. Spring 2016 is all about the brights! Turquoise, tan, white, rose quartz and fierce red are at the top of the fashion trends, and they can add all the brightness into your wardrobe that you need. Reflective fabrics are also an edgy fashion trend you might want to try out.


Of course, you also don’t want to forget your big sunglasses and fashion accessories that can take your wardrobe from the couch to the shore. It’s time for a mani-pedi and some shopping at Seaside Boutique! Say goodbye to the dark and dreary days of your winter wardrobe and bring on the sunshine and chic fashion that follows!


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