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While some people cringe at the thought of doing holiday shopping, you know better. Shopping can never be a bad thing and let’s be honest, you would have went shopping for the latest boho chic finds anyway. At least the holiday season gives you an excuse reason to have a plethora of deliveries arriving at your house.


It can be tempting to buy for yourself during the holiday season because you are finding some seriously amazing boho style. And in those cases, we say – BUY FOR TWO! Buy a gift for a friend, buy one for you, buy a gift for mom, buy one for you. Who says you can’t treat yourself as well during the holiday season?


Considering the malls are swamped like a scene off of The Walking Dead, you’re a step ahead of the game by shopping boho chic gift ideas online. Now, it’s time to sort through all the chicness. To make your holiday shopping quick and easy, we’ve created the following boho chic gift guide for those of you shopping for your best friend. Here is what we selected from our boho store.


boho chic


1. Boot socks are the perfect boho chic gift idea for best friends because they're totally trending. Plus, you know your bestie is pulling out all her boots for this season, and boot socks are the best way to add a bit of boho style into them. 

2. With the winter season comes plenty of outdoor gear. You have hats, mitts, socks, extra socks, scarves and so much more to carry around with you at all times. That's not even getting into the normal stuff you have in your bag on a regular basis. So, swap out the itsy bitsy pretty and petite handbag for a boho bag. It's just as practical as it is bohemian. 

3. Speaking of bags, backpacks are in - and they're not just for students. This crochet style is just too chic to live without. Your best friend will be grinning like the Grinch... only not like the Grinch because he's kind of evil. 

4. Gemstones are a huge bohemian trend right now, and the quartz necklaces are to die for. Our boho chic necklaces are handmade, so they're a little more personable than those mass-produced kinds you can find at some generic store. Plus, who says two quartz necklaces can't be best friend necklaces? Give it a shot. 

5. Makeup bags. It seems like a girl can never have too many! We buy a new one and suddenly, our foundation decided to explode inside of it, or our eye pencil sharpener unleashed it's fury inside of the bag. The struggle is real. Needless to say, every girl can appreciate a new makeup bag, especially when it's in a boho style. 


Complete your holiday shopping today with these boho chic gift ideas for your best friend. Seaside-Boutique has everything you need - and more! 

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