How to Dress for New Years Eve with a Boho Chic Wardrobe

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New Years Eve is literally right around the corner. Women everywhere are starting to enter panic mode as they desperately search for the perfect outfit to end the year in. While you may not have time to shop our boho chic collection at Seaside Boutique, you do have time to perfect for your current wardrobe in time for the ball drop. So, let’s go out with a boho chic bang this year, ladies. Here is how you can dress boho and classy this New Years.



A fancy shirt paired with the perfect palazzo pants

Boho chic, outfit, new years eve,

This is one of my favorite boho chic New Years Eve outfits because everything can be worn again. You don’t even have to purchase an entirely new outfit; all you need is a fancy shirt or blouse to pair with your favorite pair of printed palazzo pants. Then, when 2017 has begun, you can dress casual in your boho chic pants or fancy in your new shirt. It’s completely up to you.



A dress that can be boho chic after the ball drops

Boho chic, outfit, new years eve,

There’s nothing worse than buying a New Years Eve dress that can only be worn for New Years. Sure, sequin bedazzled dresses are totally adorable, but they’re uncomfortable and there’s no way to wear them throughout the year. Well, unless you want to look like a misplaced disco ball, which is never a boho chic look.

So, instead of wasting your money on a one-hit wonder, purchase a boho chic dress that can be fancy when paired with the perfect accessories. Body con dresses are ideal because they fit to your body, giving you a stunning and formal shape that can also be dressed down as needed.


Keep your boho chic style at the top or bottom

Boho chic, outfit, new years eve,

 The easiest way to turn your boho chic style into something more formal for New Years Eve is to do a bit of mix and matching. Simply swapping out your top or bottom for a fancier alternative can be the perfect solution, but you never want to do both at the same time. For example, you can either have a casual boho chic tee with a peplum faux leather skirt, or a pair of casual black leggings with a fancy blouse. If both items are super boho chic, your outfit will be too casual, and if both your top and bottoms are too fancy, your outfit won’t be authentic to your boho chic style.  So, it’s one or the other.


Trade in the bra for a bralette

Boho chic, outfit, new years eve,

We are huge fans of bralettes here at Seaside Boutique because they’re similar to our dresses. They can be worn as casual bohemian masterpieces, or for a look that is red carpet worthy. It just depends on what you pair them with. As an added bonus, buying bralettes is much cheaper than buying an entirely new outfit. So, if your New Years resolution is to be more frugal, you might as well start now.

Pair a bralette with a fancy pair of pants, or a high waist skirt and you’ll be looking boho chic, which an emphasis on the latter.  


Dressing boho chic for New Years may seem like a challenge at first. After all, the bohemian look is very casual. But with the right tips, and the perfect wardrobe, you’ll end the year looking as stylish as you are comfortable.

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