How To Wear the Boho Chic Tie Dye Trend Today

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Tie dye trend, fashion trend, outfit ideas

Put down your homemade tie dye shirts you made in the 90s, and leave the tie dye fashions from the 70s in the vintage shops. The modern day tie dye trend is nothing like it once was.

While the tie dye fashion trend is still all about different explosions of tones, it’s more simple and chic than the traditional complicated and eccentric styles. So, forget the flower power, patches and peace signs. This boho chic fashion trend is being brought into the future, instead of bringing you back to the past.


To keep your boho chic outfit ideas on point, here is how you can rock the tie dye trend that is fashionable for today.



Think Feminine Instead of Flower Power

If you take a look into the fashion trends of the 60s, 70s, 80s and even into the early 90s, Tie dye trend, fashion trend, outfit ideastie dye has never really been feminine. It has always been unisex; anyone could wear it, every genre, age, era and style – you name it. Tie dye was so generic that it blended into several different generations and was never really specific to a certain type of individual or style.

But the tie dye trend today is changing that up. It’s inarguably a fashion trend for the ladies, as it takes on a more feminine spin than it does a unisex splash. You can find stunning boho chic styles that incorporate all kinds of florals and girly tones to make tie dye a statement within women’s clothing.  

Think Tamed Instead of Wild Child

Tie dye was never tameable. It was actually quite the opposite, with twirls and swirls of tones taking over clothing everywhere. The tie dye designs were never planned, or perfectly designed; they were completely untamed and wild, but that has changed.

The tie dye fashion trends today are much more structured and planned out. Instead of vibrant splashes of color taking over your entire wardrobe, the tones are lined, striped, twirled and swirled into a trending design.

Tie dye trend, fashion trend, outfit ideas

Think Ombre Instead of Oval

When you think about the classic tie dye fashion trends, you think of the oval shapes of colors splashed on the front of shirts all around. This year, the tie dye trend really forbids the oval look. A lot of the boho chic styles are faded into an ombre masterpiece. This is where a select few tones are used to flawlessly blend the colors from light to dark. It started off as a hair color trend a couple of years ago and it was so successful that women’s clothing took it over. Hallelujah. 

Think Similar Tones Instead of Contrast

Back in the day, there was no color that wasn’t good enough for a tie dye piece of clothing. Every tone under the sun would be twirled into a homemade masterpiece, but the trend of today is quite the opposite.

The tie dye trend is all about picking the right colors, tones that are similar to one another to keep the pieces of clothing simple and chic instead of complicated and contrasted.


You can basically forget everything you learned about tie dye prior to this year because the modern tie dye trend is pretty opposite to what history has seen. It’s chic, it’s bohemian, it’s free spirited and it’s much more stylish!


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