Last Minute Stocking Stuffers for the Boho Chic

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Welcome to Seaside Boutique, you boho chic procrastinator. Christmas is only a couple days away and you still haven’t completed your holiday shopping. Don’t worry. Most of us are in the same boat, which is why we’ve created this last minute stocking stuffer guide. But this isn’t any ole’ stocking stuffer list. Instead, these are the kinds of stocking stuffers that can be folded up into a boho chic masterpiece. 


Fold up a Boho Chic Tee

boho chic, gift ideas

You’ll be amazed at how small clothing can become if you fold it strategically. So, grab as many boho chic tees as you can and fold them into some fashionable origami. Stockings no longer have to be filled with all kinds of junk that no one really wants, like tacky keychains and odd knick-knacks.


Cuff Boot Socks for Christmas

What’s the boho chic secret to style? Cuffing to perfection, and the holiday season is the perfect opportunity to use it to your advantage. Grab some stylish boot socks and cuff them up to chop down on the amount of size they take up in the stocking. And the more space you have, the more boho chic items you can stuff inside. So, cuff up!



Fill the Space with Fashion Accessories

Boho chic, gift ideas,

Speaking of accessories, if you’re trying to fill some stocking stuffers, but don’t have enough space to stuff some boho chic style inside, bracelets, necklaces and earrings are perfect. Seaside Boutique has a vast selection of options, from handmade and energetic pieces of fashion that donate some of their proceeds to charities. Now if that isn’t boho chic, we don’t know what is.

In this picture, I'm wearing our stunning wrap bracelet and plaid scarf!


Boho Bralettes are Tiny and Trendy


If filling the stockings with fashion accessories is too typical for you, but you still need small options, just take a look at the boho chic intimates on Seaside Boutique. Bralettes are at the top of fashion trends this year, and the looks they create are insanely chic. Plus, they’re just as practical and they take up next to no space in the stocking.



Roll a Pair of Palazzo Pants

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Palazzo pants are the perfect item to add into stocking stuffers. The fabric is nice and stretchy, and easy to roll into little balls of boho chic fabulousness. You can even wrap some fashion accessories inside of the pants to get even more boho chic style into the stocking. Gosh, we’re genius.



Better yet, forget about folding these boho chic stocking stuffers and roll everything up. You can instantly minimize the amount of space your stocking stuffers simply by rolling instead of folding.


Now is the time to complete your boho chic holiday shopping. Just consider Seaside Boutique your very own elf! Okay, that was more cheesy than boho chic but you know what we mean.

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