Out With The Old In With The New-Choosing The Best Bralette For You

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We all know the feeling, matching the perfect top with the right bra, or scavenging to find the right bra for the sexy backless dress we have had in our closets for a year. The task seems impossible, almost like a fashion mission we just haven’t been able to conquer. After trying on every bra in your drawer with your special outfit you feel hopeless and exhausted, why is there not a single bra that works with this outfit? Fear not fashion warriors, we don’t give up quite that easy, the problem is not your taste, it’s not your outfit, it is the wrong bra. I introduce to you the easy button to your fashion problems, perhaps the most sexy and stylish accessory that also provides support-the bralette. The bralette has become the queen of fashion and not by chance, as it has become one of the hottest styles for many good reasons. Of course, a bralette may seem like a lesser version of a bra, however, while it still may not offer as much support as a regular bra, it offers enough and comes in lace, mesh, high neck and criss-cross designs. Depending on the outfit you want to wear, there is a bralette that will work for you, regardless of your bust size, there is a size and style that will offer enough support. It’s time to embark on a bralette journey and learn how to find the right one for you and the next time you put on that cute outfit- it will be stress free.

            Of course, as we know there is nothing quite as satisfying as pulling off the perfect outfit, we feel as though we are in the spotlight all night(and usually we are). Incorporating a bralette into your outfit gets rid of the fear of finding the ‘right’ bra to wear with your dress, tank top, scoop neck or v-neck. At first, it may seem confusing to choose the right bralette, sizing is the best place to start. Generally, bralettes will range from XS to XL,the most important starting point is finding your size. The method to measuring for your size is fairly simple, all you need is a cloth tape and you’re ready. Start off with a bust measurement, this is the fullest part of the bust, make sure the tape is parallel to the ground and snug but not too tight. For example, if your bust measures 36.5” round up to 37. Next, find your band measurement, wrap the tape around the chest, just above where the bust and straps meet(make sure the tape is flat against your back). If you measure 35” in this area, round down to 34” for the best fit. Using these measurements you will be able to find the perfect size that fits comfortably and accommodates your outfit.

            Now that we have the sizing down it is time to ask yourself what type of look you are going for. There are many types of bralettes to choose from, some are cute, some sexy and others are a bit more modest. For example, a halter bralette compliments a halter neckline, which delivers an attractive, sexy style. On the other


hand a racerback accommodates a scoop neck, deep tee or tank top. If you plan on going out for a night on the town in  that backless dress you could never find a bra for, you may want to go with the criss-cross bralette, which will look absolutely stunning. Another very popular style is the lace racerback, this will accent your tank tops in a completely different way. Of course, it may sound as though there are an overwhelming number of options, however, it is all very simple to break down, there is lace, mesh and criss-cross and many different patterns available for any outfit of your choice.

            Lastly, it is important to choose the fabric and fit that fuels your fashion ambition. Currently, lace is the most popular option as it creates a more sexy feminine look, some are sheer lace, while others have trims of lace. This is the perfect choice to wear under a gown or a shirt. Also, there is a cotton choice, for a more casual and simplistic look and is great for workout clothing as well. For a more flirty night the neckline design is an excellent way to draw attention to your chest, as well as pair with a see through top.

Fashion is meant to be fun, to be daring, to be a new experience, we accessorize, we are passionate about it and we never stop pushing the limits. It’s time to pull out the clothes from the closet that we retired because not a single bra we owned worked with them. It is time to put them on and have a night out on the town, this time flaunting your bralette, this time pushing the limits of fashion, creating your own look, you have no restraints. This is why the bralette is one of the most popular and useful accessories of our time, it is what we ladies have all been waiting for-so go rock that outfit.

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