S.O.S. Christmas: Last Minute Boho Chic Gift Ideas

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Your friends and family have their presents beautifully wrapped and neatly placed under the tree, and you haven’t even started thinking about gift ideas. If this sounds like you, you’re in need of some serious Christmas S.O.S.

Since the holiday season is creeping up on us faster than anyone wants to admit, it’s time to get your Christmas shopping done. But as we all know, Christmas shopping takes more than simply walking into any store and picking something up. It takes time to come up with gift ideas for your boho ladies, energy to go out and find the perfect gift, and then a good free spirit to put up with the crazy people swarming the malls.

This year, you’re taking the smarter route and are shopping online. Sure, you’re still a super procrastinator – hence why you’re searching for boho chic gift ideas online so close to the big day – but with these gift ideas, at least you won’t have to risk the stampede at the mall. Plus, you just can’t go wrong with these stylish picks!


The Kylie Sweater

Boho chic, gift ideas, winter fashion

If there’s one thing everyone knows about in this world, it’s Kylie Jenner. Some people are haters, some are lovers but one thing for sure is that everyone can appreciate her impeccable sense of style. Although Kylie typically goes for a prissier and prudish look, this boho chic sweater does have a slight dose of her style put into the mix, only without all the sass.

In other words, this Turtleneck Sweater is boho, chic, flirty, formal, casual, versatile, and it's basically everything a woman could ever want from her wardrobe. So, it’s a totally Christmas savior when it comes to last minute boho chic gift ideas.


Top Trending Sweater of the Season

Boho chic, gift ideas, winter fashion

Unless you’ve been living under a rock these past couple of weeks, you’ve probably seen the Lace-up Sweater trend. It’s been taking over the Internet, and it's the "must have" item of the season. So, if you’re unsure as to which boho chic gift ideas to follow, this one's it.

This trendy sweater is popular for many reasons. It has the comfy elements that every lady loves to curl up during this chilly season, but the lace-up front adds a bit of boho chic style. It’s the kind of fashion that can take a boring, comfy outfit and make it look super chic.

Plus, it’s the sweater of the season so whoever you’re buying for, they’ve probably already told you about it a million times. So, you might even get some extra brownie points. 

Plaid + Poncho = Perfection

Boho chic, gift ideas, winter fashion

‘Tis the season for plaid and ponchos. This combination is insanely perfect for the winter season and the fashion trends that are following en suit.  Similar to the other boho chic gift ideas mentioned here, this piece of fashion is perfect for every kind of lady out there. So, whether you’re looking for gift ideas for your mom, sister, best friend, girlfriend or even your in-laws, if you’re buying for a female, the plaid + poncho equation is math that she’ll be excited about on Christmas.


It’s Better with a Sweater

Boho chic, gift ideas, winter fashion

Everyone needs a sweater during the winter, and ladies love getting cozy in comfortable fall and winter fashion. So if you have absolutely no creativity left up in that brain to come up with some gift ideas, remember that it’s better with a sweater. Our fall collection is the perfect place to pick out some practical yet desirable presents that you just can’t go wrong with.

The Burnt Orange Sweater is too good to be true. The design, cut and quality of this sweater is perfect for every woman – every shape, every size, every style – everyone. Take it from someone who wears this exact sweater on the regular.  


There’s no way your gifts are going to suck this year if you shop at Seaside Boutique – even if you did leave it to last minute.



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