Get Cozy in these Boho Chic Fall Fashion Trends

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Fall fashion trends, fall fashion, boho, boho chic, bohemian

Finally, the fall season is right around the corner! The Seaside Boutique has prepared for the upcoming fashionable season, and there’s no better time for you to update your wardrobe.

Fall is arguably one of the best seasons for fashion trends. It’s all about getting cozy in a heavy knit sweater as you sip on your pumpkin spice latte around a bonfire – and what’s not to love about that?

While it can be a little depressing to say goodbye to the scorching hot and sunny days of summer, these fall fashion trends for 2016 will get you excited for what’s to come.



Pumpkin Spice Tones

Fall fashion trends, fall fashion, boho, boho chic, bohemian

Speaking of pumpkin spice, it’s going to be in more places than just your tummy. The trendy hue of the 2016 fall season is all about pumpkin spice tones. Think deep, dark oranges, or a mixture of orange hues like this stunning v-neck shirt!


Forget the Seams... So it Seems

Fall fashion trends, fall fashion, boho, boho chic, bohemianThe 2016 fall fashion trends have forbidden sewing machines, or so it seems. Many styles that rocked the catwalk showed panels of fabric being connect with oversized or unique elements, such as lace and metal, massive zippers – you name it. While it sounds a little strange, the look is actually quite chic, with a whole lot of edge. Just take a look at this adorably chic shirt that has seams connected with a bit of frill. Plus, the hue is totally on point for the season. 


New Old Jeans

Fall fashion trends, fall fashion, boho, boho chic, bohemian

What in the world? Yeah, we thought the same thing when we first read this fall fashion trend but you’ll quickly fall in love, just like we did. The reconstructed denim trend is similar to the distressed denim look, only it takes on a more “patchey” appearance. It’s a little bit 70s and totally boho.


Relax In Sweats

Fall fashion trends, fall fashion, boho, boho chic, bohemian

When I see loungewear trending, I can’t help but get excited. Who doesn’t want to wear chic fashion that feels like pyjamas? Or rather, who doesn’t want to be able to get away with wearing track pants outside? So, I’m all for this fall fashion trend, and the Seaside Boutique collection has some seriously stylish sweats for you to rock this chilly season.


Boho Chic Dresses Galore

Fall fashion trends, fall fashion, boho, boho chic, bohemian

Boho chic is always a trend, and even if it wasn’t, we would still love it because we are all boho-fashion lovers. But, this fall season, the fashion trends have really put a bohemian spin on dresses. While this might not be a practical for the Northerners (because wearing a dress in 5 feet of snow is never practical), the ladies closer to the southern border definitely need to jump on this look.


So hold back the tears as you say goodbye to the summer season is just a couple of weeks. The fall fashion trends are totally worth getting excited about, and Seaside Boutique has everything you need to prep your wardrobe for the next couple of months. Here’s to a super comfy, boho chic season! 


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