Surviving the Winter Blues the Boho Way

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Bohemian, boho chic, gypsy, winter blues

Seriously, we can’t be the only ones suffering severely from the winter blues. I mean really. Seaside Boutique is on the sandy shores of California, and the winter season is still killing our boho chic vibes. I don’t know how you guys up north do it.

Since winter sucks so bad, for lack of better words, it’s time for some well-needed boho chic inspiration! After all, the only way to fight off the winter blues is to do it the bohemian way. So grab your inner gypsy soul and let the good vibes flow! 


Wake up on the right side of the bed

Bohemian, boho chic, gypsy, winter blues

There’s nothing worse than waking up when the sun hasn’t even woken up yet. There’s honestly a serious problem with that. #SnoozeButton

However, as tempting as curling up in bed until June may sound, doing so can actually make you feel worse. I hate to say it, but you’re better off waking up, throwing on a meditation soundtrack, throwing on a spiritual boho chic elephant shirt and getting the day started.


Book a trip somewhere warmer – anywhere warmer

Bohemian, boho chic, gypsy, winter blues

‘Winter Getaway’ is a term for a reason. People, just like you and I, desperately seek to escape the winter before the winter blues soak up all of their boho vibes. So if you have the means to do so, grab your boho beach bag and book that trip, girl. Sand between your toes and a windy shore blowing your hair is all you need to get you through to summer.


Start some sunny supplement

Bohemian, boho chic, gypsy, winter blues

People feel lousy during the winter because winter is lousy. It’s lousy for your boho chic wardrobe, your bohemian-good vibes, your inner gypsy child – and your nutrition. The lack of sun during the winter time comes with a lack of Vitamin D, and this can squash your happy-go-lucky, free-spirited attitude quickly. So, grab some natural supplements. Store them in your boho makeup bag and you have them whenever you need some sunshine in your step.  


Find all kinds of inspiration online

Bohemian, boho chic, gypsy, winter blues

Sometimes all you need to keep your bohemian vibes alive during winter is some inspiration. Turn on a soundtrack of the ocean, pull up your Pinterest and browse the summer boho chic fashions that’ll get you excited. It sounds silly but remembering what’s in the future can be everything you need to survive until then.


Add some boho chic dresses into your wardrobe

Bohemian, boho chic, gypsy, winter blues

I know what you’re thinking, ‘Boho chic dresses in the winter?’ Absolutely! Summer dresses, despite their name, can be worn all year long. They just have to be worn different. So pull out your favorite dresses because everything from a maxi dress, a bodycon, bandage, tunic, sweater dress and so much more can all be styled for winter. It’ll also feel good to slip into your summer staples again.


Go on a shopping spree

Bohemian, boho chic, gypsy, winter blues

Retail therapy. It’s a thing- and it’s a thing because it works. Go on a shopping spree and find some new fashions from our winter collections. Making this dreadful season fashionable will make it much easier to love!


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