Tops That Take Your Look From Basic to Boho Chic

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Oh, you basic betch! It’s a saying that is used so often in today’s trendy world, and one that you never want to be associated with. After all, what’s fun about being basic; typical; boring? Absolutely nothing!

The confusing thing is, boho chic fashion is very simple in nature, and when dealing with fashion that isn’t completely outrageous and eccentric, you’re walking a fine line between bohemian and basic. Fortunately, you don’t need much to steer clear of a basic betch status. You just need some style tips from yours truly.


Here are the must have tops that are totally boho and so far from being basic and boring.



Show a Little Shoulder

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If you want to wear simple fashion but also want to keep it looking chic, incorporate some womens tops into your wardrobe that show off a little shoulder. And no, we aren’t talking about regular ole’ camisoles. Instead, shop for styles that have unique cut-outs that give a peak of skin and a splash of chic desire.



Look Back At It

boho, boho chic, bohemian

Forget about bringing sexy back because backs are bring sexy back. Rock some basic tanks and tees that have an open back to amp up your fashion statement. A basic black tank simply doesn’t do justice in comparison to this multi-strap bralette that is hella fabulous! Pair with some high waist shorts or palazzo pants and truly turn up your bohemian appeal, while also keeping your look chic and not skanky.


Get Uneven with Tanks and Tees

boho, boho chic, fashion, bohemian

There’s no denying that tanks and tees are absolute staples within any wardrobe. You need them; they need you. End of story.  They’re perfect for wearing as is, throwing under a vest, sweater, cardigan, jacket – you name it. But that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Swap out regular, clean-cut styles with asymmetrical fabrics to steer clear of basic, and to achieve a look that is super on point.


Fringe With It

boho, bohemian, boho chic, fashion

Another excellent way to make the staples within your wardrobe chic and bohemian is to shop styles that have some fringe. There is nothing more boho chic than fringe fashion – and they’re totally on trend right now too. So, it’s a win-win. Just take a look at this black fringe tank. It’s just a regular tank when you want it to be, or it can be the masterpiece to one hell of an amazing ensemble.


Taking Tees Away From Basic

boho, bohemian, boho chic, fashion

Tees are another staple and fashion item that you can’t get away from. They also just happen to be exactly what you expect – basic tshirts. There’s no other way to put it. They’re tshirts… But do they have to be? The thing here is that, you want your tshirt to be basic enough that it can be worn with everything, yet unique enough that it isn’t basic. How confusing is that? So pay attention to the neckline on your tees. A v-neck puts a crew neck to shame, and neckline details are a whole other story. 


So forget about being a basic betch! You’re a boho betch now, ladies. Shop our amazing collection of boho chic tops and your wardrobe will have never looked so good.






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