Give Back

Our Story:

The mission is very simple in concept. We have collaborated with to help set out to find Artists in Thailand and Cambodia and share the beautiful portrayals of nature and spiritual traditions with those that would otherwise never experience these amazing works of art.

This mission allows others around the globe to better understand the plight and diversity of cultures other than their own as well as giving these wonderful artist's a chance to reach well beyond the region from which they were created. By linking the artwork from east to west, we hope to spread a peaceful message of hope and understanding globally.

Many of our customers have been so moved by the artwork that they have sent us pictures of the artwork displayed in their home or office. We then forward these messages to the Artists to spread the love which often has a profound impact on the artist and their families. Proceeds from the artwork go towards helping thier families with food and to remain under one roof.

We hope you will find a piece thats speaks to your heart.

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